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Life in Booth's Bubble

BoothOne of the things I love about covering sports is the interesting people you get to meet.

David Booth is one of those interesting guys.

When he first joined the Panthers, he was very frat-boyish, loved wearing outlandish clothes (I'll never forget the yellow-plaid jacket with the pink pants) and just doing his thing.

Talked to him today about his sudden fame going to his head, and he really has no clue people around the league are talking about him. He swears he doesn't read the papers (although I bets he reads On Frozen Pond) or checks out hockey-related websites.

And I believe him. Today's daily clips featured Hal Habib's story in the Palm Beach Post about Noah Welch donating his brain once he, well, you know. One of the TV guys asked Booth about this with Welch sitting next to him.

TV: "What do you think of Noah donating his brain to science?"

David Booth: "What?"

TV: "Yeah, he's going to donate his brain to science."

DB: "Really? Are you guys messing around?"

Noah Welch: "No, it's true.''

DB: "When are you going to do this?"

NW: "Not anytime soon, I hope.''

DB: "Um, oh yeah......''

NW: "Actually, I was thinking of loaning it out to people for a weekend. See how they like it.''

DB: "What was the question?"

Of course, Booth does seem to follow other things. He really seemed to enjoy Michigan losing to Toledo this past weekend, all the while, his Michigan State Spartans remain unbeaten in Big Ten play.