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Florida Panthers vs. Boston Bruins ... Steve Carlson, a Hanson Brother, is here ... Nathan Horton no longer a center ... Return of the Sunrise Express ... Rostislav Olesz benched ... Michael Frolik gets first NHL goal

Hansons BOSTON -- Just got done talking with Pete DeBoer before tonight's game, the first Friday night game at Boston in 31 years.

The big news is that it's SlapShot! night here, with Steve Carlson -- one of the Hanson boys -- in attendance.

Actually, that ain't the news.

Biggest news tonight is that Pete says the Nathan Horton experiment at center is pretty much over, saying he thanks Nate for giving it a shot and stepping in. That means the Sunrise Express is back together; David Booth on the left, Stephen Weiss at center and Nate on the right side. Let's see if this jump-starts a moribund offense.

Sunpass ''I knew since Day 1 they had chemistry and would be a good line,'' DeBoer said. ''The problem was, who else is going to play center? We tried to go with that experiment and Nathan did an admirable job and did some good things. But we need some offense. Nathan hadn't played center in six years. It's unfair to say 16 games in that he wouldn't be a good centerman. If we would have stuck with it, who knows. We might go back to it, I don't know.''

Rostislav Olesz is not playing tonight, DeBoer saying he expects much more out of Olesz than he's been getting. Olesz hasn't looked very good the past few weeks, and this benching is not much of a surprise. DeBoer says players have to earn playing time, and right now, he doesn't think Olesz is earning it.

''We're 17 games in, and I haven't seen enough yet,'' DeBoer said. ''This is the next step to getting him to where we need him to be. I'm a big believer in giving an opportunity and then putting you on notice. This is the next step. This is the only tool a coach really has. He has to be better for us.

"He's a nice kid and a smart player. But we need more than that. We don't have the luxury to wait for guys like that for 15, 20 games. We just don't.

"I came in here with a clean slate on everyone. You give them an opportunity to do what you have been told they are capable of doing. If they don't do it, this is the step you take. We did it with Nick Boynton, and the results were successful. We're hoping to do the same here with Rusty.''

Other news: Tomas Vokoun back in net tonight, playing in his first back-to-backer of the season. DeBoer said last night's light work (19 shots in Jersey) didn't factor into the decision, mostly because "after Tampa [52 shots] it probably evened out.''

Will have quotes -- and a goofy picture or two -- later on. Gots to put on the foil and get to work.

Richards This is my new mug shot. I kinda like it. Thanks to the Bruins for the cool Hanson Brothers glasses.

-- Also, no real update on Jassen Cullimore. DeBoer says they really don't know anything at this point, says he hopes it's just day-to-day.

-- Nothing new on Cory Stillman. Still out. We might see him at practice on Sunday at Incredible Ice (word is it's at 11 a.m. and will be an hour tops).

-- Michael Frolik got his first NHL goal last night. Good for him. He was really stressing over it. Anyway, the equipment guys saved the puck, and will frame it for him. Here are two shots of the puck.

Frolikpuck1 Frolikpuck2