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Scout's Honor ... Cory Murphy Practices ... Ville Peltonen Still Out

ScoutsThe usual hockey rumor mills are all a twitter right now, with the breaking news that the Panthers had three scouts at last night's Leafs game. Must mean something is up. Must mean Mike Van Ryn's coming home, probably in exchange for Jay Bouwmeester, right?

Settle down, Beavis. The Panthers probably had more than three scouts at last night's game, only they were in the stands watching. You see, the Panthers are holding their annual scouting meetings in Toronto this week. JM is there; Randy Sexton is there; Scott Luce is there. A lot of Florida Panthers employees are there.

They are not there to trade Jay Bouwmeester.

People need to simmer down with all the JayBo talk; the Panthers aren't doing anything for a while. Time, believe it or not, is on their side. They don't have to do anything for six weeks. A lot can happen between now and then. In six weeks, the Panthers could be in seventh place in the East; or, they could be in 12th.

This story will work itself out. I don't know whether the Panthers will trade Jay or not, although I don't see him playing for the Panthers next year. But that's a long way away.

-- Was at practice today (on my day off) to do some stuff for the Hockey News. So, I didn't really listen to Pete's post practice presser all that closely. I did hear that Kamil Kreps is 50-50 for Friday's game against the Flyboys, they aren't sure about Ville Peltonen and that he would probably keep the lines intact as much as he could despite the possible loss of Pelts and the addition of Kreps.

-- Spoke to Cory Murphy today, says he's just going to ddo whatever the Panthers tell him. He hasn't been sent to Rochester just yet, although I would expect that to happen sooner than later. Murph told me he had a good time in Roch with the team, says spirits are up there as they are finding more success. If that's where they want him to play, that's where he'll go. He just wants to get some regular playing time.