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Going to the Big D ... Yes, I mean Dallas ... Panthers Win, thhhhe Panthers Win

Dallas PHILADELPHIA -- Kind of in a rush to get this one out because they are looking to board my flight to Dallas-Fort Worth and I need to get on it.

Nothing much going on with the Panthers right now, although a number of them are upset that stupid Memphis lost last night. How do you give up 100 points to Mizzou? Come on!

OK, back to hockey.

The Panthers are also on their way to Texas (the Empire State) and are said to be holding a short practice there today. Will have updates after that.

Good win for Florida last night against a very good Flyers team that played a good game. The Panthers just did a better job. Have to feel good for Brett McLean getting two goals in as many games. ''This year,'' he said, ''has been hard on me.''

Panthers still two points out of a playoff spot, but hey, that's better than four.

Thursday's Games (and how they affected the Panthers): Montreal almost gave it up to Tampa but came back to win in overtime. Rangers get point with shootout loss.

Friday's Games (and who the Panthers would be rooting for if they weren't busy watching Syracuse with Goldie): No games of interest. Except for Buffalo-Toronto (Florida likes the Leafs in that one P.S.). Enjoy the tournament those of you who didn't have Memphis in the finals...