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It's St. Patrick's Day in Sunrise ... The Dancers Are Ready. Are You?... Fun with Alex O'Vechkin ... Billboard Advertising Historic Moment?

Irishhockey Greetings from the Irish-American Capital of the World: Sunrise, Florida.

Did you know that Sunrise has the biggest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the United States? Truth.

I went out on Sunrise Boulevard today to watch it, but there were only cars. I guess they had it on the weekend.

The Panthers are playing tonight in Sunrise, and there is much excitement over the team breaking out their traditional green jerseys tonight.

Little known fact: Florida's original colors were green and orange, but some local university (Barry, I think) said it owned the rights to those colors and the new hockey team decided not to fight it. But, once a year, they break out their original gear. Quite cool.

Snlscots The Ice Dancers are apparently ready for tonight's celebration of all things Irish and hockey (if it's not Irish and hockey, it's crap!) as they have broke out their special black halter top/bras and are doing a special jig to the Dropkick Murphys.

It is quite special, and I'm glad I got to see them do their pregame routine.

Twice. They are getting away with not wearing green by using green lights (green lanterns?) instead.

-- On a serious note, the Panthers are honoring Tomas Vokoun tonight for playing in 500 NHL games. The team was going to do it Saturday, but Tomas asked them to wait until his family was here. Tomas' wife and two daughters will be here, with the team honoring him with a Tiffany crystal as well as a two night stay at the Fountainbleu in Miami.

-- After the game, I'm planning on heading to the Cloverleaf Lanes in Miami. Anyone want to come with?

-- Everyone knows the Billboard never met an ad it never liked. But advertising something at a rival arena? It happened tonight during the first intermission as an ad for the opening round of the NCAA basketball tournament aired. That tournament, one might remember, is being held down the road at the AAA Miami Arena.

Of course, the NCAA tourny -- at least this round -- doesn't conflict with the Panthers. Those games -- which include your Cleveland State Vikings -- are being held on Friday and Sunday. The Panthers play on Saturday and Monday.

Just found it strange is all.

-- The NHL's favorite Irish player -- Alex O'Vechkin -- is in town tonight with the Washington O'Capitals. Thanks to astute OFP reader Phoebe F. for passing this link my way. This Alex fellow is quite funny, outgoing and engaging. Who knew? Enjoy.

Alex Tries To Sell Cars