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Third Jerseys Headed Your Way

Wildjersey The Panthers have a third jersey coming down the pike, and it doesn't look anything like what we've seen from them in the past.

Want a retro-looking red jersey like the Panthers wore way back in 1996? Think a bright yellow jersey would look cool?

Forget it.

According to my source (David J. Neal), the new jersey is fairly similar to the Wild's third jersey as seen at left.

The main color is dark blue with light blue (no idea where that's coming from) on the sleeves, shoulders and bottom. Kind of looks like the Penguins.

The leaping cat logo is replaced on the front by a logo similar to the Wild. Florida on top; Panthers on bottom, the Panther head in the middle.

The Panthers say the jersey that was spotted today at Incredible Ice by David J. is not the final jersey and may just be some kind of prototype. That might explain the inclusion of the light blue. We still have to wait and see what the new jersey will look like, but this helps.

Maybe it will be red after all...