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It's Craptastic: NHL on Versus

Nhlfox Anyone else had enough of Versus' coverage of the NHL postseason?

How is it that they pull away from a 3-3 game in Carolina to open a game in Anaheim that wasn't going to start for another 30 minutes? How about skipping the exciting finish in Raleigh for yet another viewing of an Esurance commercial we all know by heart?

In case you missed it, which I'm sure many of you did, the Hurricanes took Game 4 by scoring against the Devils with .02 seconds left.

What was Versus showing? Who cares. It sure wasn't hockey. Heck, they weren't even showing a tied game in St. Louis.

The NHL kowtows to Versus so much it isn't even funny.

It sure as hell isn't deserved.

The managers at the Quarterdeck in Sunrise seem to have as much knowledge about the NHL than those Comcast folks who run Versus.

At least the guys at Quarterdeck change the channel every once in a while, and yeah, they show a game other than one involving the Penguins.

Shame on the NHL for letting this happen night after night after night. Your fans deserve better (and that statement goes to the NHL; Versus has no fans. Nor good spots on the dial save for the gifts handed out from their parent cable network - which sucks Comcastically.)

Where was the Detroit-Columbus game? The entire Carolina-New Jersey series?

Oh yes, I forgot the Comcast-owned Flyers had to be shown on the Comcast-owned 'national' network.

Good thing there wasn't a bull rodeo coming up after the Pens/Flyers game or no one would have seen Carolina's awesome goal just before time expired.

The NHL needs to get off this crummy network pronto.

That said, Versus has Anaheim-San Jose coming up next. Unless the third period gets preempted by a fishing show.

Let's hope the bass aren't biting tonight.