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Summer Daze

Catpool As the temperatures rise, so too do the Alex Tanguay reports.

Last week, it was 'reported' that he had signed a deal. He did not. Some within the Panthers organization thought a deal was close. It may not have been.

Tanguay is still out there and the Panthers still have a deal on the table. I'm told the Panthers still think they have a shot at the left winger.

Today I've read reports from our pal Craig Custance at The Sporting News that the Panthers are out of the running, with it being down to Tampa or Phoenix. I've also read that the cap-strapped Flames are trying to bring Tanguay back, although word is Tanguay didn't like it in Calgary all that much.

Will update if I hear anything concrete, but right now, things are just pure speculation. And Tanguay's camp is in no hurry to do anything because more and more teams seem to jump into the mix.

We still have quite some time until training camp opens kids.