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Calgary Stampeding: Florida Panthers @ Calgary Flames, 9 p.m.


CALGARY -- Good afternoon from the Canadian west, hanging in the underbelly of the Saddledome as we speak.

Good day for a hockey writer today; the Flames practiced this morning, and both of the guys I wanted to speak to were here and more than willing to talk to an old pal.

CatCam Alumni Edition with Olli and Jay can be found below. Hope you enjoy.

Will be back in a little bit after the Panthers get off the practice ice. Will have more video from Pete DeBoer and perhaps a few others. So come on back, ya hear!

-- Speaking of alumni, just ran into former assistant coach Guy Charron watching the skate from the stands. Guy now lives in Calgary with his wife and says he's having fun being a Grandpa. For now. Will be a good day in hockey when Guy's back in the game.

-- Good score by LitterBoxCats: Seems the Bahamian tourism folks are happy the IceDancers came over to shoot their calendar there last year, although they really don't know what the IceDancers do.

Other than dance.

But from whom, they have no idea.

Says the press release: Pelican Bay at Lucaya was the featured resort for the Miami Panthers football team's 2009 Ice Dancer calendar shoot October 19 - 22. Videography and stills photography featuring the 17-strong Ice Dancers were shot around the resort and Grand Bahama Island.

-- Wanted to speak with former Florida goalie Jamie McLennan, but I didn't see him after the skate.

Noodles -- now the Flames goalie coach -- got hit hard by a puck flying along the boards during practice, and had blood streaming down his face. He's good though; he went in, got patched up and was back to finish the skate.

Some of you may not remember Noodles, but he was one of the coolest guys to ever wear the Leaping Cat. Check this out: