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GameDay LIVE! Philadelphia Flyers @ Florida Panthers ... Tomas Vokoun Gets New Mask

Flyersfishing Another slow news day down in Sunrise, the end effect of a team not playing for three or four days.

The Flyers are in town; the Panthers have changed up some of their lines. Scott Clemmensen is in net. The power play needs to get more shots and more goals. The penalty kill needs to cut down on goals.

All this we know.

So let's play hockey!

-- Tomas Vokoun has shedded his boring looking Panthers mask and gone with a little something more daring. Vokoun's old mask just had the Florida logo on it.

Vokmask2 His new one, which came in today, features a leaping Panther (which might make for an interesting third Vokmask3 jersey logo in the future if the one they are coming out with bombs) on both sides of the mask.

It's a cool looking take on the Panther logo since its full sized (although it still has small legs).

The top features the yellow sun from the shoulder patches minus the hockey stick and palm tree.

Vokmask4 The back of the mask has the tails of the leaping Panthers wrapping around the Czech flag.

It's pretty nice. Tomas seems to like it. And he says hello to all of you out there in cyberspace. OK, that part I made up.

See you at The Billboard...Vokmask1