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We Have a Cats App for That

The Herald's mad scientists have come up with something fun for you Panthers fans who happen to have an iPhone or an iTouch: Your own Florida Panthers app!

It's fun and it's cheap and if I had an iPhone, I would get one.

Here's a totally unbiased review from my sister Rachel, who may have been the first to download it: ''Wow G, that's cool. Very nice!''

See? She wouldn't lie, either. That's because she's pregnant. With twins. So has to tell the truth TWICE as much as before.

Iphonegirl Anyway, this app puts all things Panthers at your finger tips, from the popular On Frozen Pond to the less popular (for Panthers fans these days) NHL standings and game results. We also have photos, videos, a bunch of links and much more.

Check it out on the official Herald page here, or just go straight to the Apple store and pick it up. It costs less than a gallon of gas. And it's far more entertaining.

At least my sister thinks so.

-- Speaking of that, OnFrozenFilm scheduled to return to this space tomorrow. Have had some technical difficulties, but it looks like all is well. All I needed was a new battery. Huh. The videos that I take are also accessible on the Panthers app. OK, done schilling.