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Your Den of Honor: Keep 'em Coming

Panthersden AKRON, Ohio -- I have been traveling across the midwest today, but have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's suggestions for the Panthers 'New' Den of Honor.

In case you are new to the conversation, the gist is this: The Panthers got rid of the Den of Honor at The Billboard for questionable reasons. But, since I brought it up, they say there should be a new Den of Honor constructed somewhere in the arena soon. Perhaps as early as January/February! And I believe it.

This morning I wrote a piece asking for suggestions to relay to the Panthers oh-so-powerful Season Ticket Advisory Board (STAB) to see if they can get some stuff in this 'new' Den of Honor to really honor the entire existence of the Florida Panthers. You know, not just the good year(s).

This stuff is gold. You all really came through today.

If you have more suggestions, make sure you leave them below and I'll pass them along to the good folks at STAB. Whomever they are.

Read the suggestions at the bottom of this post. Again, funny stuff.

-- I forgot perhaps my most important suggestion, one no Panthers Den of Honor could be without: Eddie Belfour's water bottle from the Long Island hotel lobby.

Definitely check out the comments left on the previous post. I laughed all day.

Here's stuff I liked from Facebook from my friend Phil. I used to call him Stanley C. But I don't anymore. You can if you want.

- 17 stars representing each and every Panthers game Randy Moller played as a cat.
- at least one of Doug McClean's "mandles"
Stanleyc3 - a stop watch stopped forever at 45 seconds - to commemorate exactly how long it took Pavel to go from the ice to the parking garage post game
- Not just the Monk robe, but Friar Puck himself (his name is Jeff and he lives in Coral Springs)
- A speaker playing a continuous loop of "Hey Ref!...You Suck!" with a sign: "in Memorium: Section 401 (no sponsor)"
- a diagram (or instructional video) showing just how Olli got all that dip in his *upper* lip.
- the apology letter from Mr H that he only bought ONE of his teams a world championship
- the apology letter from Mr. Y to the city of Sunrise that, yet again, the Panthers "did not make a profit" this year, and thus would not be paying back dime-one of their stadium loan (and enclosures countering each one of Dave Hyde's columns)
- The articles showing the exact difference in dates when the ownership group went from being referred to as "Bernie's Group" to "Alan's"