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'They Look Awful Familiar' ... Panthers 'Unplugged'

Thirds1 A couple of people (Shae and Wes Goldstein of CBSsports.com) commented that the new Panthers jerseys not only look like the Penguins very popular throwback thirds, but those of the retro Hockey Night In Canada jerseys introduced a few years ago.

Well, no one is original in these kind of things anymore.

They are different from Hnicjersey what the Panthers have ever had and they are OK by me. I do not, DO NOT, like the FLA inside the sun however. Looks amateur hour. Don't like the font, don't like the FLA, don't like the sun. But that's just me.

-- Those of you watching at home may wonder what happened to the FSN feed at the end of the second period.

Johnny I went out and pulled the plug on the production truck.

Just kidding.

But the truck did lose power, and the last three-plus minutes of the second wasn't on.

It's up again.

Blame FP&L. Everyone else does.