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More Stuff from The Panthers at the NHL Draft

Here's just a few more things from the Draft:

-- Dale Tallon says he's going to work on hiring an assistant GM, a director of player personnel and assistant coach for the Panthers after the draft.

He says he has been looking around for Florida's second assistant, but will know who is out there after contracts expire and such on June 30.

I then asked if that meant Mike Kitchen was officially out. Tallon said no. But it sure sounds like it.

Also, don't expect former GM Randy Sexton to be offered the assistant GM gig.

-- Tallon says don't expect the Panthers to get one of the top two picks. Well, if he couldn't get the No. 2 out of Boston in a Nathan Horton deal, I don't know what he has left to give them to get it now.

Edmonton is not trading the No. 1 pick, especially to a Panthers team with little to offer. The Panthers could make a deal with the Oilers for the 15. The Penguins could also have a deal working for that selection.