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Heat Trio Get Royal Treatment ... In Sunrise? Panthers Offer Wade, James, Bosh VIP Package at Billboard

HeatThe Florida Panthers and Florida Marlins have done some cross-promotional work in the past, and why not?

Not only do the two organizations share DNA, but they don't really compete with each other save for a few weeks here and there.

The Panthers haven't done much business with the Heat since their ugly arena battle back in the day. Plus, the two go head-to-head many nights and are fighting for the same slice of the media pie. So why would the two franchises work together?

With the Heat signing LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and others, it appears the Panthers are breaking down that wall and trying to grab a small spot under the bright light currently focused on the Heat and its SuperTeam.

The Cats aren't going to beat the Heat in this fight anytime soon. So why not join them?

Last week, on the eve of James announcement that he was taking his talents to South Beach, the Panthers introduced a season ticket plan based on LeBronmania.

'Seats Fit for a King' is a promotion in which fans can buy season tickets for $23 per game in the lower level, $6 in the upper. The 23 represents James' number in Cleveland; the 6 is for his new number in Miami.

In radio spots, the Panthers make sure everyone knows that while the Heat may not have tickets available for next season, they do.

In today's Miami Herald, the Panthers -- err, BankAtlantic Center -- welcomed the Heat's trio with a full page ad. The ad ran in the special Miami Heat section, and the Panthers were the only South Florida sports team (aside from the Heat, natch) to order up a spot. The Dolphins previously welcomed the trio with an ad in the local papers.

"Dwyane, LeBron & Chris,'' the Panthers ad reads, "congratulations on becoming kings of the hardwood.''

It goes on.

"Welcome to your playground. Here is your gift from the BankAtlantic Center.''

And here are the gifts the Heat trio will presumptively receive from the Panthers (who run the BAC):

-- Four 'Royalty' floor seats for all events

-- Four seats in the ADT Club for all events

-- VIP parking in the Lexus Garage.

That's a pretty nice haul, especially with Justin Bieber coming to town next month.

As they say, the rich get richer.