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Nashville's Linus Klasen OK

Linus Nashville winger Linus Klasen was knocked cold late in the Predators 5-0 victory over the Panthers in a rookie game Wednesday night in Coral Springs.

Klasen was down on the ice for a few moments but eventually came to and was helped off the ice by a pair of teammates.

Klasen, 24, is apparently doing OK in the Predators locker room. A Panthers spokesman said he suffered lacerations on his tongue and chin and is being stitched up on site. A trip to the ER is not expected.

Florida rookie Chris Clackson, in camp on a tryout, hit Klasen hard in the slot in the Chrisclack Florida zone.

Clackson is the son of former NHL tough Kim Clackson (106 NHL games and 271 more in WHL during the 1970s).

Chris Clackson played a very physical game on Wednesday and was involved in the lone fight of the game early on.

More updates if/when I get them.

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See you tomorrow at noon for the second game in the series and the final action of Panthers rookie camp. Training camp opens for real on Friday with physicals and Saturday on ice in Coral Springs.