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Rocking the Red: Florida Panthers Return to their Roots

Red The Florida Panthers may be working on their "Blueprint" this week as Jack Skille has been resigned to a two-year deal and Kevin Dineen has been hired to be the franchise's 11th coach.

On the ice, however, the Panthers want you to see red.

Red as in 1993.

Red, hoping they can make that rhyme with win.

The Panthers are shifting their marketing focus this summer to coincide with their return to their orginal look.

A restyled red jersey will become Florida's primary jersey this season -- the first time the red will be the team's primary home jersey since the early 2000s when it was relegated to alternate thirds and then dropped during the Reebok restyle in 2007. I was told Alan Cohen hated the red look, and for parts of his ownership, the team only wore that color on weekends.

Jetblue I have seen mockups with the new circle logo -- which debuted on the Tampa Bay JetBlue thirds -- on them although I have been told it will be the leaping cat on the front. Sans stick.

No word on whether the JetBlues will return as the alternate for a third season. Florida may keep the home blue jerseys it has worn since the 2007-08 season as the alternate. When I find out about the thirds, will let you know.

And according to the 'Blueprint' logo on the Panthers website, the crossing palm tree-hockey stick logo will remain as well. There have been rumors that the FLA logo from the JetBlues would make it onto the new/old jerseys. Not if Bill Torrey has anything to say about it, though.

The Panthers will unveil the new/old jersey at the draft with the picks in St. Paul rocking the new threads.

Offseason -- The Panthers are going to push the red hard this offseason. 'Rock the Red' is part of Washington's marketing, so that's out.

The Panthers marketing campaign will be red-related as well.

Here are some possibilities (some for real, some I made up):

Bleed Red: With the team's financial questions, this will only lead to more Quebec City jokes.

City of Red: Begs a question of which city the Panthers actually represent. And also will bring up the team's financial concerns.

Better Red than Dead: This will sell well in South Florida.

Red, White and Proud: The road jerseys are white.

Big Red: It's also a fine chewing gum.

Redvolution: Well, lets just wait and see what makes the cut.

Sticks -- The Panthers -- err, Sunrise Sports & Entertainment -- is using lots of red in its non-hockey marketing as well. The video board outside the arena has been advertising various concerts with lots of red in the graphics.

FLA -- SSE has also talked about possibly upholstering the lower bowl in all red. I've been told there have been people out to the arena to talk about how feasible this is.

The current arena color scheme (green lower bowl, beige club level, blue uppers) was designed to resemble the look of the everglades when H. Wayne's crew was designing things.