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It's Official: Florida Panthers 'JetBlue' Third Jerseys No More ... Cats Wearing Third Sweaters One More Time

JetbluesThe Florida Panthers will hold their annual 'Shirt off our Backs' promotion next Sunday when the team plays the Islanders instead of the traditional final day of the season.


Because they are trying to get rid of their Sunday JetBlue* third jerseys.

That Sunday will be the last time the team wears them as, after three seasons, the Tampa Bay Rays look will be retired.

Jetblue2Fans will be able to bid on their favorite player's jersey, with that player taking off that game-worn jersey and autographing it for the lucky winner on the ice after the game.

Jetblue3It's a great promotion, with the money raised benifiting the Florida Panthers Foundation and their mission to fight pediatric cancer.

And, those jerseys will definitely be collector items.

I've been told the Panthers will not have a third jersey next season but there is a likelyhood they could have one by the 2013-14 season. Expect a dark Jetblue4blue jersey with a different Cat-In-A-Circle logo. Or perhaps the Sunshine/Palm Tree/Hockey Stick logo.


(*) -- So why do we call these jerseys the 'JetBlues?'

Well, word is Michael Yormark was one of the few proponents of this color scheme and brought it in to help lure the discount airline to become a major sponsor.

If that was indeed the thought, it worked. JetBlue is a team partner to this day. I have never gotten Yormark to confirm this story, but I have heard it from a good number of people. So, whatever.

Anyway, 3rd_Jersey_LetterYormark liked the look so much the Panthers were on the verge of changing their official colors from the original red-blue-gold to the two shades of blue.

In the summer of 2010, the Panthers had changed everything to those colors and it looked like the team was going to go to those colors exclusively for the 2011-12 season.

Only Dale Tallon, Mike Santos and Bill Torrey hated the look and refused to wear anything with the Cat-In-A-Circle logo on it. They quickly made it known Stanleythat they hated the blue look and the Panthers quietly started phasing it out.

Then loudly splashed back with the 'We See Red' campaign when it was obvious the blue was out. 

So, if you dig the jersey, they are on sale at the Tarpsarena now for at least 50 percent off. Load up.