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Kelvin Benjamin Coming Into his Own

A couple weeks ago when Kelvin Benjamin reeled in two scores it went unnoticed by many outside the FSU fanbase. Amongst Seminoles fans KB has practically been anointed as the next "great" Florida State receiver (which can be a dubious distinction), but around the country the 6-5 240-lb receiver was still largely unknown.

That changed last Saturday night when at a key moment Benjamin grabbed a shovel pass and hoofed it 64 yards to set up the Florida State score. It was a huge play at a big moment and it was hard not to notice such a massive receiver make a guy miss and then fly down the field.

"Oh definitely [it felt good], that atmosphere was like times ten," said Benjamin. "But it felt real good."

Being labeled the Seminoles' next big receiver by the fanbase can be straining. It also seems to be a cursed distinction. Going all the way back to Randy Moss' ill-fated tenure at Florida State and continuing with a line of receivers that includes Fred Rouse and Corey Surrency, many of the "it" guys fail to deliver on the massive promise they are built up to have when they arrive in Tallahassee.

Benjamin seems poised to buck that trend, and big plays in key spots like on Saturday are evidence of it. Immediately after going down 28-14, Benjamin caught his shovel pass on the first play of the ensuing Seminole drive and brought the crowd and the Florida State offense roaring back into the game. 

To be honest, KB thought he was going to score on the play, I asked him if he felt the linebacker catching up on him towards the end.

"Nah, not really," admitted Benjamin. "Normally, you can kind of feel when someone is on your back, I knew he was back there though, they have a real fast defense.

"I thought I was going to [be able to finish]. Boy, I don't see how Chris Thompson does it. I got up and I went and saluted him like, 'I don't know how you do it.'"

Regardless though, as the season progresses and the redshirt freshman continues to find a bigger role in the offense Seminoles fans should see plenty more opportunities to see him break long plays. They should also see him making plenty of blocks down the field and helping on special teams if they look close enough.

"I just want to do anything I can to help the team," said Benjamin. 

Last Saturday night he did that in a big way.




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