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Florida State Falls to 12th in AP Poll, 11th in Coaches'


I'm a little surprised FSU is still in the top 15 of either poll, I figured 16 or 17 personally. But the AP has ranked Florida State 12th overall and the coaches have them ranked 11th. Now the Seminoles can begin to try and put the pieces back together after an embarrassing 17-16 upset at the hands of NC State last night.

Like I wrote this morning before the AP Poll came out though, it's not really where they land but the fact there's a ceiling on how high they can climb back up. Don't expect to see FSU back in the top five without serious help. 

With a weak strength of schedule and very few chances to prove themselves against ranked opponents, any one-loss team from the SEC or Big 12 can expect to jump Florida State, and Pac 12 schools may have an argument too. 

All isn't lost for the Seminoles, they can still win out and finish 13-1. They can still win the ACC and go to the Orange Bowl. They control their own conference destiny. But they're not going to win a national title this year and that's a tough pill to swallow for a lot of Seminoles fans this morning.

The ACC is still down to two ranked teams. Clemson and Florida State. Miami and Va Tech both lost again this weekend.




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