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November 25, 2012

Florida State Drops to 13th in BCS Rankings


The Seminoles dropped three spots to 13th in the BCS rankings after losing 37-26 to the no. 4 Florida Gators on Saturday. 

The top five remains unchanged with Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Oregon staying put. Unfortunately one of those three SEC schools doesn't get a BCS bid because there's limit two per conference and Florida is guaranteed to jump the loser of the conference championship game. So essentially, win the SEC championship game and go play Notre Dame for a shot at everything. Or lose and the BCS slams the door in your face.

Kent State could also crash the BCS party if they move up to 16 (they're 17) and stay ahead of an AQ conference champion. The Big East currently has no teams ranked so if Kent State wins its championship game next weekend, it's possible they get a bid.

Also as I left the stadium and I thought about all of Jimbo Fisher's complaints about BCS computers I thought it would be funny if they all got together and voted for Fisher this week (you know, since computers are generally spiteful). Wouldn't you know it? This is the first week all six computers have FSU ranked...

Really, the ranking is irrelevant at this point. If Florida State wins on Saturday they'll go to an Orange Bowl and what has become the black sheep of the BCS family. But win and they're in. If they lose... Well if they lose I could see the fanbase starting to pass out pitchforks and torches.

Tank Carradine Tears ACL

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Tank Carradine got devastating news earlier today when he was diagnosed with a torn ACL suffered late in last night's loss to Florida.

The Seminoles lead  the game heading into the 4th quarter but a big turn of momentum and some huge plays against a worn out Seminole defense gave Florida the 37-26 win. To add insult to injury, Carradine tore up his knee after the game was already out of hand and potentially did damage to his draft stock come April.

"Yeah, Tank tore his ACL," said Jimbo Fisher earlier today. "The draft will still be fine, he'll rehab. That won't affect those guys, maybe a round at the most. Sometimes it won't.

"He'll still play in the NFL and be very highly drafted."

This is a blow for Florida State, but a much much bigger one for the senior defensive end. No player had made more money with his play in 2012 than Tank Carradine and on a single play late in last night's game, he potentially lost quite a bit of it.

With how late this happened and the number of talented defensive linemen potentially coming out, Carradine could see his stock plummet a lot further than just a round. It could also be a negligible impact, but given the circumstances it's tough to see how this won't end up costing the young man millions. 

The things Carradine does have going for him is that without a doubt he's one of the hungriest players to come through Florida State in a long time. That hunger's not going anywhere and I fully expect him to make a solid recovery and have a very good NFL career. But as Tank found out last night, nothing is guaranteed and as likely as he seems to translate well into the pros, he potentially missed out on a rookie contract that could have set him up for the rest of his life last night.

That really hurts.

As for Florida State, they still have a talented group at defensive end, albeit a much less experienced one. Giorgio Newberry and Mario Edwards were at times in over there heads against the Gators, but it's also important to remember that FSU isn't going to face anything close to that caliber of team again this year. Bjoern Werner is going to start getting even more attention over the final two games, but overall Florida State's defense should absorb this reasonably well given the competition over the final stretch.

Going Polling: Florida State falls to 12th in Coaches Poll, 13th in AP Poll


As expected, after a difficult loss to the Florida Gators the Florida State Seminoles have dropped in the polls and no longer reside in the top ten.

The AP poll, which has been harder on Florida State all season, adjusted the Seminoles' spot the least. AP voters had the Seminoles at 10 last week and dropped them just three spots to 13 this time around. The top five in the AP poll are: Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Florida. 

The Buckeyes are postseason ineligible but finished their year 12-0 after beating rival Michigan on Saturday. Still, for all intents and purposes FSU is 12th in the AP since Ohio State can't factor.

The Coaches poll sent FSU tumbling seven spots down to 12th from number five. The coaches won't offer FSU much of a reprieve from the computers now that the Seminoles have two losses and some of the luster has come off. The Coaches' top five was: Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Oregon and Florida. 

The other BCS poll of record, the Harris interactive poll, will be released around 3 PM today and the BCS standings will roll out tonight at 8:30.

FSU still has two games left and can finish the season in the top 10 at 12-2 with a conference title and an Orange Bowl win if they win out, but after last night many in the fanbase are still likely to be licking their wounds and even an ACC title next weekend may not completely ease last night's blow.

I'll be back to update with the Harris and BCS rankings later in the day...



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