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Mondays with Jimbo: Bethune Week Edition


Every Monday Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher holds his weekly press conference to discuss the week's opponent, the previous weekend's film and whatever else he feels like talking about that afternoon. We cover it in a weekly piece called, "Mondays with Jimbo."

Jimbo Fisher stopped by to discuss Bethune Cookman earlier today and wasted absolutely no time mentioning that his team cannot take BCU lightly, FCS or not. FIU lost to Bethune last weekend and though unlikely, Florida State could be upset if they sleepwalk through Saturday's game. 

"They’re 3-0 and averaging 38 points a game and giving up 9, that’s less than we are," he said. "They went out and beat FIU 34-13 and handled them very easily. Great win for them.

"They’ve been in the top of their league for the last three years. Coaches have done a tremendous job coaching them. They’ve got a great group, they’re athletic.  They’re running the ball very well on offense. (They are) very diverse on defense and sound in the kicking game, so we’ll have our hands full again and have another great opponent coming in.”

Yep, if you were playing Jimbo Fisher press conference bingo, go ahead and punch the "sound in the kicking game" space.

After watching the film from this past week Fisher is still very happy with what he sees out of his young QB. He took time to reiterate his point about Winston's resiliency in particular: 

"I liked the way he bounced back from that and also," Fisher repeated. "Not just bouncing back and getting completions, but not losing his aggression. He still stayed aggressive with the football and threw balls in there. From that standpoint, I thought he did a nice job.”

Another thing that has helped Winston is his vision as a passer.

'What he’s seeing and saying is exactly what I’m getting from the booth and what we’re seeing on the sidelines too and the reasons he’s doing things whether it’s right or wrong, it’s for the right reason."

More from Jimbo:

##- On RT Bobby Hart: “I thought he’s played well. Early in this game he had a few things – one of the sacks early. What I’m happy about there, (he) made a mistake, responded very well and didn’t go in the tank and played the next play like we always talk about and is maturing very well. I’ve been very pleased with how Bobby is playing. He’s really grown up.”

##- On LB/FB Freddie Stevenson: “That guy has ball skills. You saw him do two things. One, bounce a play on short yards and almost stick it in the end zone and then run a short yardage play and then get in and then catch a ball in the flat, make a guy miss, dip inside. That guy is 233 pounds right now is a freshman. He’s going to be a big athletic guy and if he were to go back to linebacker he can do that in a heartbeat, but he’s helping us out now."

##- On FB Chad Abram: "He’s a 235 pound guy with great ball skills. He was bothered by a shoulder a little a bit and we held him out with a little stinger and I will tell you, over the last week before the Pitt game and last week, that joker has been playing his tail off. Just mentally, physically, catching the ball, blocking. Those guys don’t get a lot of glory and he didn’t get a lot of snaps in the last game because of the way the game went, but a great special teams guy and he’ll have a chance to play at the next level because those guys are hard to find.”


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