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Devonta Freeman: "Come on, I'll Block You"


Devonta Freeman is a jack of all trades. The 5-9 203 lb back is leading Florida State in rushing (as he did as a freshman and nearly did again as a sophomore), he can catch the ball out of the backfield, he can stay in and block and he even talks a little trash.

Those last two things came together quite memorably last Saturday as Florida State played Clemson.

If you haven't seen the play I'm referring to, take a look below (h/t Mike McGourty). Freeman appears to be taunting a blitzer before the snap.

I talked to Devonta about it on Tuesday and asked him if he likes to talk a little bit of trash.

“Not really I just know when the team -- sometimes, it depends. But I try to focus on my assignment," said Freeman, then he thought about it for a second and changed his tune a bit.

"I do talk trash sometimes. It was a blitz, I knew he was blitzing and I was just like ‘come on, I’ll block you,’ and he came and I blocked him, easy. It was obvious.”

So you know the play I'm talking about?

“Yeah I know exactly what you’re talking about,” he said, laughing.

I also asked Devonta what the trash talk was like in last weekend's matchup. Prior to the game Clemson WR Sammy Watkins had said that the smack talk between the 'Noles and Tigers was always on another when the two play. A few of the Seminoles I spoke with confirmed that, but given that it was before the game they weren't really willing to go into too much detail.

But on Tuesday -- after FSU won 51-14 -- Freeman was willing to recount how the trash talking had gone on Saturday.

“It was a good game, at first they were talking trash, we were talking trash back, but they stopped talking trash," said Freeman. "It was like they shut up [when] we started hitting them in the mouth."


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