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Florida Governor Rick Scott: FSU Will Win 47-10


Just had a chance to talk with Florida's governor, Rick Scott, about the BCS Championship game. The governor is on-hand to take in the game tonight and was gracious enough to share some of his perspective.

“Its been exciting, how many times do you get to be the governor where Florida State’s in the national championship?" joked Scott. "We’re going to have a big win and I’m going to be drinking some nice Lemonade from Alabama, we’re going to have a big win, I think Jameis is going to have a great game.”

The lemonade Scott alluded to is a part of his bet with Alabama governor Robert Bentley. As is custom, the two governors have made a small side-bet -- featuring products their states are famous for -- on the results of tonight's game.

“It will never happen, but if FSU lost then we would give them a Key Lime pie from Kermit’s down in Key West," said Scott. "And when we win, which we will, he’s going to give me a gallon of Toomer’s lemonade.”

Scott also took time to praise the way Jimbo Fisher runs his program. As a businessman who has experienced considerable success in his own life, Scott sees more than a few parallels between himself and Fisher.

“We had lunch earlier this year and he was explaining how he runs the team and it was like how a business-person would do it," said the governor. "He’s very process-oriented, he knows exactly what he wants to get out of it, listening to him you could see that he was going to have a great season.”

As for Scott's prediction, he isn't hedging his bets. He was bold in predicting a Florida State win.

“It’s going to be a big win, so I assume something in the high 40’s, and hopefully [Auburn will] score not more than 10 points," Scott said.

"So I’ll say 47-10.”


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