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FSU announces changes to helmets, uniforms

Florida State on Saturday morning announced more tweaks to the football team's helmets and uniforms.
The particular shade of gold on the helmets and garnet on the facemasks had drawn criticism from fans and observers who said the colors didn't match FSU's traditional colors.
FSU is also making changes to the numbers on its white away jerseys. The gold numbers, which debuted last week at AT&T Stadium and proved hard to read both in the stands and on television, will be replaced with garnet.
The changes are expected to begin today, but will take a few weeks to fully implement.
Below is the official release from Florida State:
"Saturday night at AT&T Stadium was the first opportunity we had to see the color of our helmets and facemasks under stadium and broadcast television lights.  The shades of both the Garnet facemasks and the Gold of our football helmets did not accurately represent those of our tradition-rich past.
"Beginning with today’s game against The Citadel, we will begin the process of returning our helmet colors to the more traditional look to which Seminole fans are accustomed. Versus the Citadel, the facemask will change to one that more closely resembles the shade of Garnet used on the jerseys you will see today. By the time the team takes the field against Clemson, the color of our helmets will return to their more traditional Gold.
"As the season moves forward we will also be returning the Garnet numbers to our away white jerseys.  All of these adjustments take time but we are working with our equipment partners to make these changes happen as soon as possible. Enjoy today’s home opener and Go Noles!"




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