December 08, 2009

Frugalista moves to

Natheadshot Hi Everyone! Thanks for being so patient with me! I have been underground for a few days for good reason. I am going indie. I have launched, my  own blog.  I have had an AWESOME time blogging for the Miami Herald, but now is the time for me to strike on my own.

The party isn't's going to a new place so please visit me at and update your blogrolls and add yourself to my RSS feed! My email is the same, for those who know. :)

Much love to the Miami Herald for letting me have a wonderful ride here!



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December 02, 2009

100 Money Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

Skypephoto  Yippee!! I was listed by Accredited Online Colleges as one of the money experts you should follow on Twitter. I tend to agree. Tweet me, baby! Be forewarned, I don't only tweet about money. You may catch a reality show tweet or two, or 1,000 coming from me! It's all love. :)

Thank you, for the honor!

Here's the list:.


From credit card rates to identity theft to getting out of debt, these feeds are all about helping you with your credit.

  1. @SpendOnLife: Get educated about identity and credit theft by following this feed.
  2. @creditfacts: Get articles and posts about DIY credit repair, loans, credit score and more.
  3. @creditgoddess: The credit goddess follows news stories and issues affecting everyday people and their credit problems.
  4. @GetOutOfDebtGuy: Steve Rhode is a popular resource for smart debt and credit tips.
  5. @CreditScoreBlog: This Seattle-based blog shares stories about reading and improving your credit report.
  6. @ihavegoodcredit: This tweeter is about to release a book series on credit and can answer your questions about credit cards and scores.
  7. @CardHelp: Find tips and articles about credit card legislation, budgeting, making payments and more.
  8. @Ch11_bankruptcy: Steven Silton tweets about Chapter 11 bankruptcy news.
  9. @SABankruptcy: This San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer tweets about taxes, credit, bankruptcy and the financial crisis.
  10. @mariaaspan: Maria Aspan is a reporter who tweets about banking, credit cards and finance trends.

Budgeting and Saving

Learn how to organize a budget and save more each month by following these feeds.

  1. @shoestring: Shoestring Magazine can help you find new ways to save.
  2. @inzolo: Learn to save based on the zero-based envelope budget plan.
  3. @moneypennyme: Sam Robinson is a "rockstar budgeter" who paid off almost $40,000 in consumer debt in under one year.
  4. @moneydetective: Detective Heather is great at ferreting out new ways to budget and save.
  5. @ArtOfSaving: This social network tweets inspiring quotes and useful tips for saving on bills and more.
  6. @BudgetMaven: BudgetMaven can help you save money and stick to your budget when it comes to beauty treatments, eating out, health care, phone bills and more.
  7. @retirementplanr: Michael Peterson is a retirement income planning specialist.
  8. @SaveTogether: This campaign teaches financial literacy.
  9. @MoneyAisle: Learn about good deals on CDs and savings accounts here.
  10. @moneyStrands: Submit money questions to this feed and look for helpful articles and tips about saving.


Get investing tips and tricks from these money experts.

  1. @alphatrends: Get reports from the markets and information about seminars and investment practices.
  2. @SoundMindInvest: Matthew Pryor is the Director of Operations for this organization, which is the country’s best-selling Christian financial newsletter.
  3. @TradingGoddess: TradingGoddess discusses investments and the market on her feed.
  4. @tradefast: This tweeter has over 20 years of money management experience with hedge funds.
  5. @sorenmacbeth: This is the twitter feed from the founder of Stocktwits.
  6. @CBOE: The Chicago Board of Options Exchange tweets here.
  7. @upsidetrader: This feed comes from a CEO of a long/short fund.
  8. @optionmonster: Jon Najarian is the cofounder of Optionmonster and
  9. @ObliviousInvest: Mike Piper tweets about taxes, credit cards, investments and more.
  10. @infoarbitrage: This feed is from "a reformed Wall Streeter turned early-stage investor." You’ll find insight into how the market is doing and how to invest.


From tax help to the unemployed to keeping up with the latest tax news and legislation, you’ll find it all on these feeds.

  1. @TaxPolicyCenter: Learn about legislation, tax exemptions and more.
  2. @taxfoundation: Learn about tax policy from this feed.
  3. @Taxdotcom: From celebrity tax news to credit news to this year’s tax "trends," follow @Taxdotcom.
  4. @taxtherapy: This feed shares information about tax credits, deadlines and other issues affecting your taxes.
  5. @1SocialSecurity: This official Social Security feed tweets about local news and savings.
  6. @thetaxman: Jeff Beckley is a CPA and tax professional who tweets about rising taxes, tax implications of hobbies, and other useful information.
  7. @ustaxaid: Get federal and local (if you’re in Nevada) tax updates here.
  8. @thetaxclub: This firm has lots of great tax help and information for individuals and small business owners.
  9. @TaxReductionCPA: W. Murray Bradford brands himself as "the nation’s pre-eminent tax reduction expert," concentrating on helping self-employed tax payers.
  10. @filelater: Learn about filing for extensions here.

Frugal Living

Learn how to be more frugal with your money and live life with less.

  1. @frugalista: The Frugalista has found success helping others learn how to live stylishly and frugally.
  2. @forestonfinance: This feed comes from a newly married blogger who shares smart money saving tips.
  3. @recessionrecipes: Eat great without spending too much when you follow this feed.
  4. @KeyIngredient: Learn the difference between cheap and frugal when you follow Lindsay Landis here.
  5. LiveBetterOnLess: Lesley Voth’s money saving guide has 518 tips on frugal living.
  6. @FrugallyYours: Leslie Walters blogs and tweets frugal living tips, especially for families.
  7. @MonroeOnABudget: This reporter also writes about frugal living.
  8. @chrisbaskind: Follow Chris for lighter living tips: being frugal and environmentally conscious.
  9. CraftyDollar: Recent tweets from this feed discuss energy savings, buying in bulk, cheap recipes and online shopping.
  10. @Brokelyn: This online magazine tweets tips for "living big on small change."

Building Wealth

These money experts will help you build wealth and plan for a luxurious life in the future.

  1. @CleverDough: This New Zealand mom is an entrepreneur who can help you decide what to do with your money.
  2. @UnlockYrWealth: This radio show and feed can help motivate you to become smarter about money.
  3. @MoneyUnder30: David Weliver covers financial topics for the under 30 set, including credit, student loans, the recession and more.
  4. @ramit: Ramit Sethi is the author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich and tweets about TV appearances, PF news and more.
  5. @PWMLtd: Mark Robinson is a UK-based lifestyle financial planner who can help you achieve the future you want.
  6. @jimkopas: Jim Kopas is an associate at a wealth management firm in the Bay Area.
  7. @wealthbuilding: William R. Patterson is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author and wealth and business coach.
  8. @wizardzofwealth: Get "cliff notes style ideas" for building wealth when you follow this feed.
  9. @PhilanthropyCFP: This certified financial planner can help you "integrate values, investments and giving" into your wealth management plan.
  10. @WealthBlog: This feed contemplates wealth in American, wealth management, personal wealth and more.

Currency and the Markets

Get all the news and tips about the stock markets and foreign exchange here.

  1. @stocksnjocks: Get "blatantly honest" stock tips and sports news from this feed.
  2. @abnormalreturns: Get forecast-free investment reports here.
  3. @guy_adami: Guy Adami believes that the "stocks don’t lie…people do." Follow him for finance trivia, stocks news and more.
  4. @tickerville: Get real-time updates from Professional Trader plus commentary on how the markets are doing.
  5. @BloggingStocks: Follow @BloggingStocks for "passionate coverage of America’s favorite stocks."
  6. @currencyblog: The currency blog covers foreign currency exchange rates and the economy.
  7. @siriusforex: This group of forex traders shares tips and news all day.
  8. @greenfaucet: Jim Slagle tweets his take on the market.
  9. @currencytweets: Follow @currencytweets if you want more articles and commentary about the markets and foreign exchange rates.
  10. @Aleks_Todorova: Aleksandra Todorova is a senior writer at and covers a range of credit, loans, and money news stories.
  11. @ScottJagow: Scott hosts the radio program Marketplace and comments on CEOs, student loans and more.
  12. @BankThink: Get news from the Fed, major banks and Wall Street from @BankThink.
  13. @WalletPop_UK: Read finance news for everyday people here.
  14. @fundmyfund: Mark covers the markets and swing trades.
  15. @alansmurray: Alan Murray is the Wall Street Journal Deputy Managing Editor and Executive Editor Online.
  16. @TheLexColumn: The Financial Times column covers business and finance news.
  17. @FinancialNews: If you want to keep up with investment banking and fund management, follow this feed.
  18. @dvolatility: You’ll get global market news from this feed.
  19. @businessnews: Here’s another feed devoted to keeping up with Wall Street news.

PF Coaches and Tips

These personal finance feeds can help you become a more organized, responsible budgeter.

  1. @MoneyCrashers: Get PF tips, from saving on car payments to applying business principles to PF.
  2. @mcmoneycoach: Jim McGowan provides sound financial advice to families.
  3. @PslFinance: Get a steady stream of trending finance topics and personal finance tips.
  4. @freefrombroke: Everyday people get finance help and tips from this feed.
  5. @LifeTuner: Find money tools, savings tips and financial advice from @LifeTuner.
  6. @alphaconsumer: Kimberly Palmer is a PF reporter who tweets articles like "Working Mothers Hardest Hit by Recession" and "The New Money Savvy Generation."
  7. @howardlindzon: Follow @howardlindzon for innovative, creative ways to save money and make bank.
  8. @MoneySmart: Ben brings you PF news and tips, plus web hacks and money tools.
  9. @DieBrokeBlog: StockTwits writes the Die Broke Blog, which offers PF tips on virtually every money topic.
  10. @wisebread: The Wise Bread blog tweets frugal living and PF tips here.
  11. @SuburbanDollar: Kyle isn’t a total money expert, but he can help inspire you to become more financially responsible.
  12. @MoneyRelation: Adam wants to help you reevaluate and revitalize your relationship with money.
  13. @GreenPanda: College students and 20-somethings will find PF help here.
  14. @bargainr: Jim Wang proves you can save money and enjoy your scotch, too.
  15. @AuthorDavidBach: NYT best-selling author David Bach is also a PF expert who tweets tips on how to get organized.
  16. @BSimple: You’ll find simple ways to live life and save money on this feed.
  17. @PFIncome: Topics addressed on this PF feed include passive income, goal setting and more.
  18. @myprettypennies: Learn how to save your pretty pennies by following this feed.
  19. @everycentcounts: Learn how to develop better spending habits here.
  20. @tarasbernard: Tara Siegel Bernard is a PF reporter for the NYT.

Who are your tweeple? Who do I need to follow? I don't only follow my financial peeps. I just want to connect with people who publish worthwhile content. Humor, news, financial, life, mom, whatever. 

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December 01, 2009

Should we spend this holiday season?

D-frog-princess Oh my! This personal finance blogger says that we should spend this holiday season. Jeff Brown argues that if you live frugally during the year, why not treat yourself and loved ones to some nice gifts?  Jeff says that much of our financial woes are due to buying too much house, buying expensive cars or purchasing $4 lattes that fritter away our cash. Holiday spending isn't the real culprit of our deep financial woes.

Gulp! I guess it makes sense. If you behave and respect your earnings throughout the year, why not do the Santa Claus thing?

This year, I'm spending a little bit more than I did last year on Christmas. I'm going to get the niece some Sesame Street stuff because she's working on her numbers. I can't write what I'm getting Mama Frugalista because she reads the blog from time to time. I think my spending style will be Frugalista Claus. LOL. Good gifts but tempered spending.

What's your holiday spending plan? Super frugal? Mrs. Claus-style? Regular? What are you buying? What's on your Christmas list. I know that I'm getting a Princess Tiana doll from my mother, which is why she is on my blog, today. How old am I? LOL

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November 26, 2009

Frugalista's Black Friday links

Please be kind to each other on Friday and don't try to stampede, ok? I have to work tomorrow, so have fun in the Black Friday rush. Before you go, please check out some of these links so you can get some good info to make your day bright!  Retail responsibly! Kthx. 

The Wall Street Journal wrote a comprehensive blog of all the Black Friday deals and cool sites. is pretty aggressive this year with the Black Friday report.

Toutie is one of my favorite twitter peeps, and she always has deals on deck.

Sicka than Average has some of her favorite picks online for a little bit of retail therapy.

What's on your holiday list? Are you doing the 4 a.m. thing? Wait, are you lined up at the big boxes, already? Need a chair? 

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November 25, 2009

Frugalista boycotts Thanksgiving 2009

Gobble up, my Frugalistas. I'm not doing Thanksgiving this year. There, I said it. Normally, I'm at a friend's house or flying to Chicago to visit my family. But this year, I am underground and THANKFUL for a day off to focus on my writing and me. They are one in the same these days.

A few things factored into my decision to un-Thanksgiving. I didn't want to spend money flying for the holidays. I didn't want to be responsible for bringing a dish to another person's home. My home is not in condition to have guests over. I have to work the Friday after the holiday. 

I just want to watch television, write my book and talk on the phone. I just want the REALLY simple life because these days, my life is a tad hectic.

I don't really bring up the holidays around my friends because I don't want to be cajoled or pitied into a T-giving celebration. 

I am thankful for friends, my health, a bank account, opportunities, Body Magic shape wear. I am thankful for my new hairdresser, Kenny.

I will be thankful for a low key day.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Do the holidays stress you? I will have some black Friday specials posted tomorrow. 


Fruga Redux

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November 23, 2009

Frugalista Life: Businesses are REALLY thankful for Thanksgiving

Frango Ok, have you noticed some of the businesses that you have a relationship with sending you Thanksgiving cards? I knew about holiday greeting cards, you know, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwaanza, but I've gotten a few Thanksgiving cards. My insurance company sent me one "thanking me for my business;" 

Whoa! Is it because of the recession that businesses are reaching out? I think the gesture is sweet. These businesses are trying to make sure they get all of Frugalista's cash. It may work. What kind of card will I get for the other holidays? Shoot, I'm spoiled now!

Also, maybe I should send *quickly* some people some Thanksgiving cards...Never too late to say thanks, right?

Are Thanksgiving cards created by the greeting card industry? Have you gotten any? Have you noticed any businesses being nicer to you? Smart right? 

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November 17, 2009

Frugalista loves her hair--and that may be a problem!

Hairdresser Oh no! I need help. Please say something to your higher powers for me. One of my biggest expenses in the past has been my hair. I used to get it done, every two weeks, spending at least $70 a month on my hair. When I get a relaxer, my hair can run well over $100 per month.  To save money, I've have been styling my hair at home, like a good little Frugalista...then HE moved to town.

He is Kenny, a stylist from Atlanta who decided to downsize his life and move to Miami for water and waves. Kenny does one of my childhood friend's hair who now lives in Orlando. She drives three hours from Orlando to Miami to have Kenny style her tresses. She introduced me to Kenny and told me I needed to see him.

I was content with my hair, but it has been a long time since I really felt like a stylist could really "smoke" my hair. The stylist I use keeps my hair healthy but I am open to change. 

So anyway, I knew I was going out of town so I went to my regular stylist who was too busy to see me within an hour and the kids in the salon were acting out. I jetted and decided to give Kenny a shot.

Well, I let Kenny do my hair. I.LOVE.MY.HAIR. He shaped it, conditioned it and styled it wonderfully! I have not felt this great in a LONG TIME about my hair. I gave him a hug afterward and called all of my friends about this new love, er stylist in my life.

For a basic style, Kenny is about 10 to $15 more expensive than my regular stylist. But, I LOVE MY HAIR. Also, Kenny specializes in growing hair and transitioning women from using relaxers to wearing natural hair. So now, I want to go natural. I want to do whatever Kenny says. Kenny and Natalie forever!

Oh no! Has Kenny killed Operation Frugalista? If I hadn't been exposed to his touch, I wouldn't be trying to figure out ways to create a "Kenny budget." What about my savings? If I never gave him a shot, I would be wealthier, albeit with regular hair. Do you think that ignorance is bliss? Do I need this T-Shirt?

Frugalistas, what would you do?

1) Find a way to get your hair done by Kenny so you could feel great?

2) Still do your hair at home and only go to Kenny on special occasions?

3) Tolerate the old hair dresser, even though you know the thrill is gone?

4) Get a side job so you can have a Kenny fund?

5) Find a way to barter services? I will write for a wash and style!

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November 16, 2009

Free Aveeno hair products

Aveeno-logo You can get a sample from Aveeno's "Nourish" hair line.  If you just fill out a short survey from Aveeno, the company will pick out the best product for you and send it to your door.

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November 11, 2009

Frugalista presents at the Miami Book Fair

Hbcu Hey, Frugalistas! I'm going to introduce an author presentation at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday at the Miami Book Fair.   It's $5 to get into the book fair but the panel well be free once you pay that fee.

The authors I'll be introducing are an impressive bunch. I hope I get on such a panel when my book comes out! 

Here is who you will meet on Sunday:

Carla A. Harris

Carla A. Harris, author of Expect to Win: Proven Strategies from a Wall Street Vet (Penguin), is the managing director of global capital markets at Morgan Stanley. She has been honored in Fortune magazine's "50 Most Powerful Black Executives in America," Essence magazine's "50 Women Who Are Shaping the World," and Black Enterprise's "50 Most Powerful Women in Business.”

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg is a write-at-home mom who writes the “Frugal Duchess” column that appears weekly in the Miami Herald and regularly in about 25 other newspapers. She’s the author The Frugal Duchess of South Beach: How to Live Well and Save Money Anywhere You Live, and a contributor to 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget (Skyhorse), by the staff of Wise Bread.

Alan Weis

Alan Weis, author of The Business of Changing Lives: How One Company Took the Information Superhighway to the Inner City (Greenleaf Book Group), is the founder and president of Advanced Network and Services (ANS). A former IBM vice president, he has been a member of the World Technology Network since 2002 and was a member of the CEO Forum on Educational Technology. Weis attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow. He resides in Sarasota, Fla.

I hope to see you there!

What books are you reading? What's your favorite book? Are you going to the Miami Book Fair?

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November 10, 2009

Free WiFi at airports from Google during the holidays!

Google When I found out that Google will offer free WiFi during the holiday season at airports, I squealed with glee. The free WiFi  is offered from now until Jan. 15 at participating airports. I spent about $7 at Atlanta's airport burning up the WiFi, last month. I hated spending the money, but I have an addiction to feed. We all know I'm a sucker for free WiFi.  So when you're traveling, you will be able to play on Facebook, Twitter and The Frugalista Files blog for FREE!  I am warm and fuzzy on this freebie.

Here is the list of participating airports:

    * Austin (AUS)
    * Baltimore (BWI)
    * Billings (BIL)
    * Boston (BOS)
    * Bozeman (BZN)
    * Buffalo (BUF)
    * Burbank (BUR)
    * Central Wisconsin (CWA)
    * Charlotte (CLT)
    * Des Moines (DSM)
    * El Paso (ELP)
    * Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
    * Fort Myers/SW (RSW)
    * Greensboro (GSO)
    * Houston (HOU)
    * Houston Bush (IAH)
    * Indianapolis (IND)
    * Jacksonville (JIA)
    * Kalamazoo (AZO)
    * Las Vegas (LAS)
    * Louisville (SDF)
    * Madison (MSN)
    * Memphis (MEM)
    * Miami (MIA)
    * Milwaukee (MKE)
    * Monterey (MRY)
    * Nashville (BNA)
    * Newport News (PHF)
    * Norfolk (ORF)
    * Oklahoma City (OKC)
    * Omaha (OMA)
    * Orlando (MCO)
    * Panama City (PFN)
    * Pittsburgh (PIT)
    * Portland (PWM)
    * Sacramento (SMF)
    * San Antonio (SAT)
    * San Diego (SAN)
    * San Jose (SJC)
    * Seattle (SEA)
    * South Bend (SBN)
    * Spokane (GEG)
    * St. Louis (STL)
    * State College (SCE)
    * Toledo (TOL)
    * Traverse City (TVC)
    * West Palm Beach (PBI)

Is Google taking over the earth? What is your favorite airport? Do you travel with your laptop?

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