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Fruga, seeing the shirt now live in the video..I think it was worth the $16. Can you do your blog in video form from now on? Its alot of fun!

NAT! It looks great on you! Love the 'guy in the park' bit LOL! Too funny :-)

I also love the 'guy in park' bit. And I certainly think $16 is OK to spend on a shirt, especially one like you bought which is extremely versatile! You could wear that practically anywhere.

There you go misrepresenting, Nat. Nobody ever said $16 was too much for the shirt. The point was that you bought the shirt during a larger spending spree that saw you blow more than $200 in two weeks, and mostly on stuff you didn't need. That's no way to be frugal. Personally I'd rather have seen you buy three of those shirts and skip all the dining out.

Guy in Park...too funny!

Love the video. Shirt's OK. It looks great on you. $ out of .15 hits on the dining out as I did. Maybe you can set a goal for this week: take lunch to work at least 2 days. Bank the savings in a Christmas account. You can open them any time of the year. Keep putting lunch money in and you will be surprised at the end of the year. We don't think about how much we spend on eating out because we think of it meal by meal. But when you start banking what you didn't spend and it piles up. Whoa!

This made me so happy! You look hot in the shirt.
I'm not one to analyze dining out expenses -- I think you'd been doing great. I've been cooking way more in the past 9 months since we took a vow of frugality aka law school -- and I've realized, I just like dining out more. I love eating food. So while I'm becoming a better cook, I best not judge you!

HA! The shirt is super cute and guy eh...I am Proud of you - Keep it up - Don't listen to the nay sayers - You have plenty to be proud of... As for me- I can eat my money away! Here is what I am going to do - I LOVE EATING and SPEND MONEY ON EATING - and as you know I LOVE MY CAFE COLATA from Dunkin Donut - I decided I need to go on a diet. I am sooooo desperate - and when you are deperate it never works, at least long term but a quick fix is a start at least for now. Will get back with you...Lisa

up with super model turns! 16 dollars isn't a bad price to pay for looking hot.

guy in park...you are hilarious.

Thanks everyone for posting. And thanks for the compliments. It helps! I did a grocery story run this weekend. Think I'll make the food budget for once!


guy in park...LMAO gurl u are crazeee

The shirt is great. Definitely worth $16.

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