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I think you oversimplify here. It's not that $16 is too much for the shirt, or that a shirt in and of itself is a bad purchase. The shirt was part of a bigger pattern of you going back to spending money on a bunch of seemingly unnecessary stuff.

$16 is cool for a shirt, but not cool when you're trying to stay on a budget but have blown more than $200 in 15 days on that shirt (just for a date), another one (for somebody else), and various takeout excursions.

LOL at takeout excursions. I know I'm bad about the food thing. It's a process. Baby steps. But up with the blouse!

I'm all about vintage clothing

There will always be a good deal, thus always a reason to spend. I'd feel differently if upon review of your wardrobe, you determined that you needed a new blouse. I gotta ride with 15 cents on this one.

Why were you in the mall?

I was in the mall because I was homeless for two days and my friend I was staying with wasn't home from work. Date clothes with sleeves are few and far between. Also, I can wear the shirt many places. I bet I spent less on clothes than YOU did this year!

You've been tagged with a meme.

WOW you are tough today $ out of 15 cents..lol
I don't think the price of the shirt was bad,I would take issue with the money you are spending on food, but the shirt....go for it, not bad at all.
Product Junkie Diva

Well if you bought a new shirt for the date...did you at least get lucky?

$16 Sorry folks that is insanely cheap. It would not help your credit card bills unless you were planning to pay it off in your second life.

Enjoy that shirt knowing most shirts are more expensive than that..

thats my $16 dollars

I say you got a great deal and run with it. Hello, a girl's got to look good!

That is cheap girl!!!!! And honestly, I'm all about the baby steps! Spending money is like an addiction, you have to wean yourself slowly!!!

@chic not cheap-yeah, I got lucky. I got a nice Italian meal for free!
@Dwayne, Twiggers, Namesake-We are kindred
@PJD- God Bless, $ out of $.15. You know he means well. I am going to do better about the food

$30 in clothing for 2008 so far...but who's counting ;-)

I spent .41 at Ann Taylor yesterday for a sweet tourquoise purse and a sweater and I totally thought of this post.
But I had a gift card...it was Christmas money that I was finally getting around to spending. I mean, sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's got to do. I was just glad I kept it within the gift card amount. Had the husband not been with me, I probably would have gone over. He's my frugal partner in crime.

I think you got a great deal at Arden B. In my former-life (before I was married) I shopped there quite a bit! : ) Reading your post reminded me of my single days a little!

Coco- I need receipts from you!
Namesake-Ohhh, I'm jealous. That's awesome you kept within the gift card amount. Where are you wearing the new items? (sorry, I'm probably a frustrated stylist in the body of a working journalist)

ChelB-Welcome! Thanks for understanding my fashion find. And I hear married women look hot in Arden B., too.

You have to be clothed to go to work. I think it was probably a good buy.

However, it's also important to know what you REALLY need to replace in your wardrobe. If you have 30 blouses, maybe $16 could have been better spent on a skirt, but I'm going to vote GOOD BUY!

Let's put things in perspective for a moment, shall we? You have made great strides in 2008. There is still work to be done, but you have radically turned around your approach to spending. Time was, you wouldn't have been agonizing to yourself - let alone the internet - whether a $16 blouse was a good investment. You have worked hard and shopped the clearance rack. Keep away from the mall, yes, but don't punish yourself!

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