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I prefer Cold Stone Creamery but free ice cream is free ice cream - LOL. If you get on the e-mail lists of your favorite restaurants, a lot of times they will send you discount coupons or freebies on your birthday.

I love pasta so if I found a Maggiano's coupon, I would be all over it. Macaroni Grill is closer to the house so I frequent them as well. If you sign up for My Points, you can redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants. I do this and get a free gift card every month or so. It's not much but every bit counts!

I would like my lemonade coolata drinks at dunkin donuts to go on sale. Why must it cost nearly 5 bucks? (depending on the size you get)...grrrrr.
Sorry i dont know of any other sales. Savvy thanks for the my points info I just always looked at my points as bogus emails but now I know better thanks.
Frugalista have you ever thought of signing up with one of those survey companies? You really do earn cash just to take surveys. sometimes they send you things to test, like laundry detergent nothing too exciting but hey its free and you get paid just to test the items. Once I received a pen to try out but I had to send it back after testing it for a week (the pen had not officially been released to the public) and they senT a crisp dollar bill with the pen. I received about 150 points for testing the pen out. Sorry I am way off topic...lol

It's also free ice cream day at Ben & Jerry's today (tuesday).
And for Product Junkie Diva -- I tried several of those survey companies and could never find one I was eligible for. So many have a box right at the first asking if you're a member of the media...so I think I am disqualified. They are also looking for moms...seems to be a lot of kid products out there. But if you find one, let me know!!

If there was a Baskin Robbins in my current backwood place of residence, I would so be on it. Cheap Ice Cream is a helluva drug.

zaxby's should have free chicken salad day. Yum.

I have an addiction to burritos at Moe's Southwest Grill. It's not cheap. I buy the kid's meal - a "Moo Moo Mr. Cow" - which includes a drink and a cookie for about $5. But it's the best burrito I've ever had in my life.

But if you sign up for their e-mail, they don't spam your inbox and they give you free burritos on your birthday! Hurray for free!

I have to bring my daughter, thanx for the info

I had forgotten all about that little media comment before signing up to one of those survey sites.
I don't remember if the companies I am signed up with have those questions. Anyway they literally send me so many surveys that I just cant keep up. Im tired..lol

I'm going on the South Beach diet soon so I totally will take advantage before I start the deprivation diet.

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