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I think the stimulus check marketing can be as bad or good (for you, the consumer) as you make it. For example, Kroger is offering gift cards for rebate checks and giving you 10% more than your check (i.e. $330 gift card for your $300 rebate check). If you shop at Kroger anyway, why not get the gift card? It's a free $30 and I don't turn down free money :-)

I suspect my check will be measly but there are no plans for it anyway. I'll just keep doing what I've always done. However, hopefully the check will help lessen the pain of all the money Home Depot is about to get from me soon (upcoming and already planned backyard project).

I think it's harmless to use the check at the grocery store, provided they don't jack up prices.

No retail therapy will be happening with our check (I would like a much needed haircut though). I think retailers marketing for consumers stimulus money is unfortunate - but then, businesses are in business to make money, so it comes as no surprise.

Good for you! If I get one, it'll be going on debt as well. Like Michelle Singletary says, debt makes you a slave.

While part of me would like to spend like I used to, the saner part of me realises that a lot of what I bought just got forgotten. An impulse buy may have given me a rush, but in the long term, it didn't do anything but clutter up my house!!!

I will not be spending my check, but I may use it to finally open an orange ING account (the interest rate is higher.
Maybe business owners can count on other consumers but they won't get a dime out of me. I think it is smart for business owners to think of ways to cash in, but we have to put ourselves first. Why make the rich richer while some of us live in debt? Although I am debt free I know that I need to stay on track in order to meet my savings goals within the next 5-10 years so any additional money that I can get is going in the bank.

Debt. It's just enough to make me officially debt-free after 14 years.

I read a wonderful editorial about how to spend the money...if one spends it at all. It talked about going green with the money...buy a bike so that you won't have to drive so much, buy good flour and baking pans to bake your own healthy bread, build a raised bed in the garden. Then, after one of those, put the rest of the money in the bank. I am coveting a new bike, but may not succomb to the luxury as I have an old bike!

I am already whining for Beer Pool Version 4.0 out of the rebate. The beer pool came about after Kevin Costner in some golf movie sat in a lawn chair in a kiddie pool with a beer. I started with the wader and worked up to a 10 ft x 30 inch "blue bag" style. I'm hoping for a 12 ft x 32 inch ($129). That would be the max for sitting and relaxing. And think of all the happy hour money I'm not spending. Version 2.0, an 8 footer was a life saver after Hurricane Ivan when water was out for over a week and we didn't have electricity for 2 weeks. So I justify it as "hurricane supplies."

First time visitor...I came here from Afrobella...and I'm looking forward to reading more. :)

My check's going straight to Citibank, and I know I'm not the only one. Most people with SENSE will pay down their debt if they've got debt.

Coco, congratulations. I've been debt-free before and it's a WONDERFUL feeling.

I got some "bad" news from the person who prepares my taxes. I'll quote the email he sent to me:

"You can only get direct deposit if you filed directly to the IRS electronically. This means, if you went to H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax, or any other preparing including myself...and you DID NOT pay for your taxes up front....then your payment will be Mailed to you....so check the mailed schedule.

The reason for this is, Tax companies uses banks...these banks are the ones who actually make your deposit...not the IRS.

So unless you directly filed your return w/o using this type of service...you will receive a check.

THIS SUCKS I KNOW, I just found this out yesterday."

And here I was thinking I would be getting my stimulus check in May because I file electronically through my tax preparer. Now it's not coming until late June. =(

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