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I'm last minute as usual. I resisted the urge to file for an extension and sat down with turbo tax last night. My refund is going directly into my checking account, from where it will be transferred to my credit card for a final payment on the balance! :-D

I'm filing that extension as we speak, mama. Gotta get that puppy in the mail, not that I'm getting anything back.

I did my taxes a while almost a month ago(OK to be honest, I did not do my taxes. Taxes are my father's business and he allows me to just give him an envelope full of W-2s, etc. I did not suffer at all.) I got the refund has already gone to my credit card companies.
But I did a good deed today. When I went to get my donut this morning and I told the bagel-ordering sucker on the line about the free donuts.

I'm a financial geek. I submitted mine on time and a large portion of the return is resting gleefully in a savings account.

I already did my taxes and got my return.. It went towards credit card debt!

Every commenter gets a gold star, even $ out of $.15 because he's doing the right thing. Happy Tax Day!

Gotmy money back a few weeks ago. About 1/4 went in savings the rest to bills and a speeding ticket.

After two straight years of the last minute rush, I decided no more!

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