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Maybe they'll repo her face next.

that's too bad about lil kim. yes, i do believe all of us, not just folks who like being frugal need basic money management skills. do you have any tips on folks who were recently laid off and are job searching?

Well, record companies are notorious for making bands break up over contracts and lack of money. The car might not even be in her name - if it was part of an advance on a record that didn't make it's necessary profit ammount, she might have lost it anyway.

Moral of the story. Buy a ride that you can AFFORD!!!

What, what. Poor Kimberly Jones, reality is sitting in now that her the reminents of funder and lyric writer is finally gone.

@Coco-Lil' Kim has NATURAL beauty.
@Min-I'm going to do some research and post on that topic.
@GLM-Speak it!

Yes everyone should have money management courses. If you think of it, for many of these artist they all of a sudden have large sums of money coming in and many don't know what to do with it. Just because you have money does not mean you know how to manage it.

I am not saying she is ugly, but once you schedule an appointment to go under the knife to alter any part of your body that you were born with, that is no longer natural beauty. Cosmetic beauty yes, Natural beauty no.

She need to put 200 percent in every line she drops now to get a new ride....Lil Kim': Rhymin' 4 A Ride, coming soon!

Maybe she missed a few payments because she chose to buy those boobies and nose job.

Either way, not a good look.

The only "car" I own are my five-year-old pair of Converse. That is how I get around South Florida - walking. Thank God I can still afford chewing gum and duct tape, otherwise I'd have nothing to plug up the holes in the soles of my sneakers. LiL Kim should try walking in my shoes.

first off tha bently was a gift from scott storch..2nd..he was making tha payments not her..So everybody needs to get their story straight...3rd when tha repo man comes to ur door they take the car with or with out tha keys...they left her bently sitting in front of her door...4th Im more than sure Lil Kim has more than enough money to make tha payments..yall love to hear about something bad happening to someone. when stuff in ya yard aint going right...

nate P get ur story right and not bits and pieces..if ur gonna report ..report the whole story.thats people problem.The media loves to report lies all tha time..people shouuld do stories on tha people reportin ...and i bet they'll think twice before tellin a lie about someone else

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