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Thanks for the vintage video that was great. You looked fabulous which just shows that being frugal does not mean looking frumpy.
Keep up the great work and keep increasing your savings account, as you kick debt to the curb.
Have a great Frugal Friday

I heard that you didn't even get your hair done for the TV appearance. You looked good without the salon price.

Gurl, u look good! You do your own eyebrows!!!

It took me 3 months to do it right. I kept messing up, thanks goodness for the pencil brush! lol

PJD-Thanks honey bun! Death to debt!
Jasmine- You are sweet,too.
Money-Hold on, hold on! Now, I had gotten my eyebrows arched professionally and then followed along diligently. THEN I skipped a few days of plucking and turned into a muppet. I keep forgetting to pluck the strays. It's a process. But thanks for the kind words!

Good for you! You look lovely. I'm at the point of thinking about using henna to dye my hair, since it's pretty fool proof.

I had to get some work done on my car today - I wrote a check for the work and DID NOT put it on a credit card! W00T!!!

You're doing great! I know the hardest thing for us in cutting spending is curbing the desire to eat out. The proof of cutting back eating out is I've lost 13 lbs. in the past 3 months. I only gained 1 lb. while in N.O. for that unplanned trip where we ate out a lot. Not eating out saves money and pounds. As for the brows, I got a girlfriend who did hers really well to show me how to do it.

You looked great in this segment. I'm totally rooting for you! My husband and I are enjoying being frugal as well. It's amazing what one can buy if you plan ahead and actually consider looking over the ads released by the local supermarkets. There are so many ways to save money and still walk away with great products.

GLM-I hear henna is awesome. Please let me know how it goes.
Lou-Thanks so much for the support. And yes, I need to go on the eat at home diet. Best diet ever. Congrats on the 13 pounds.
Min-You are kind. Coupon clipping is an art, I hear.

I never got to see this. This is so cool. I'd be shaking and stuttering all over the place on CNN. Lol.


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