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I haven't seen it and refuse to watch it. It sounds like a bunch of garbage to me. Like you, I wonder how many of those women are TRULY financially stable? As illustrated, athletes are one injury away from having their career end. Would they be able to support themselves if the pro contract or sugar daddy income ceased?

I cut out extended cable as part of my financial retrenching. But I'm happy to add an opinion.

A friend of mine once told me that "money" should never shout, it should whisper.

If any of those women run into a financial bump, like 2 months with no cash, what would they do? Do any of them have money saved?

And what will they do when they lose their wiles, or their men figure out that they love the money more than them?

Boy Oh Boy do I watch the show. Love ATL Housewives!
Oxymoron time Poor Rich Sheree- she seems disconnected from life and family. I know she kissed her kid goodbye but she then spoke of needed "me time", I hate to be harsh and I know I don't know the woman but I have only seen her get "me time" lol. She then said that the husband was really into the kids enough. Sad for the little children but ok back to the wives...I love that Sheree has a shoe guy who comes to her home but helllllo that divorce money isn't in yet so hopefully she is saving.
I like how family oriented Lisa and Deshawn appear to be. When you have a close family connection even in difficult financial times you can usually find the strength to pull through. Although i have heard Kim talk about what her guy gives her, I don't recall hearing about her own business etc....not a good move on her part. She is too dependent on her man.
DeShawn, in my humble opinion does not seem to need all of the help that she has hired, it seems excessive. I have not seen Deshawn really do anything except wake the boys up, head over to her office and interview people..lol
Myt favorite housewife just may be ..all of them!!! except for Kim (I think the show can do without her). Sheree brings the drama, Nene is probably too loud for me but she is entertaining as well, I love to see Deshawn head down to her salon- very hollywood..lol and Lisa is a woman about her business LOVE THAT!

Correction Sheree said her husband was NOT into the kids like he should be.

If they were all poor and frugul it would not get ratings

No one wants to hear about the poor and unknown

This is what sells

Moneymonk, you are right - look at us here - we're all trying to get by as best we can, and none of us have a network contract!!!

I watched the first two episodes, but I'm not sure if I'll tune in again.

I would say Kim, Nee-Nee and Sheere might be too materialistic. Deshawn doesn't come off like that but I can see she has the potential, especially with the way she's hiring people to handle every need her family has.

I can be considered good tv depending on your standards. Reality tv junkies might like this show, but those use to watching shows with substance might not tune it.

The foreclosure candidates are Sheere and Kim. Both seem to be dependent on someone for their income. And Sheere takes the cake with her personal shoppers coming to the house and the divorce settlement hasn't been finalized yet.

I would say my favorite housewife is Lisa because she has her own thing going on.

Savvy- Tell it!
GLM-Aw, real money whispers. Nice.
PJD-I kinda like Kim in a weird way. I'm not saying she's fiscally sound, but I'm sure she's fun for a Friday night. And Sheree's shoe guy has great taste.
Moneymonk-So you saying Frugalista TV would bomb? LOL!
Laughing-I like Lisa, too. She is thinking about the future.

Well it is great entertainment TV. I, too, cringe at their unnecessary extravaganzas. I mean really DeShawn? Do you need someone to take your to the bathroom too? LOL!

Sheree is clearly the most materialistic and in for the rudest awakening if her divorce goes the other way or her settlement isn't the 7 figures she's hoping for. And I thought it was the pot calling the kettle black when she said that her ex didn't spend much time for the kids. Does she? She seems to be more concerned with Sheree and the kids are just accessories to be pulled out as needed.

Kim needs to get her own bank as well. Please do not depend on anyone (esp. a man who has no obligation to you i.e., marriage) for your livelihood. Or an ill-fated music career either for that matter.

NeNe does not seem to be as concerned with money as she is concerned about being "seen" as my grandma likes to say.

Let's not forget that Lisa runs her own businesses as well. She clearly would fare the best on her own should her marriage dissolve. But she seems to have the best relationship with her husband. They appear to be two equals.

All in all it's a good for entertainment value and I'm happy to see African-Americans prospering, but I cringe and worry about their finances. Although hopefully they are secure and have good planners and accountants looking out for their best interesting.

YOU LIKE NENE!!!! My favorite is Lisa...she is the most down to grounded and the most independent. Yes her husband has money but having her own business is just as crucial to their livelihood/lifestyle.

Kim's situation is extra suspect. I think Big Papa is married.

I watched the show to understand this lifestyle and , it makes sense. While Kim may be in a fragile state, Lisa has a her own income coming in from different ventures, DeShawn runs a non profit and is basically alone while her husband is on the road. She needs the help. I have one child and I need and assistant! Big money puts you in a differet lifestyle that keeps you busy so while some of us can't afford it, we should congratulate those who can.

I found an article on Sheree's soon-to-be ex. He owns a hot music studio in Atlanta. Maybe she will get those seven figures she desires.


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