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I’ve always been frugal by force, so I’m so amped that “Frugalista” made it into Oxford. It’s really a way of life! I only binge shop at outlets, and even then I have a list. I’ve recently reevaluated my cable, internet and cell bills to cut what I really don’t need and get a better deal. The M.A.C.-buy-back program is my guilty pleasure. And I never road trip unless my oil changes are on point to save gas. You just have to make these changes in this messed up economy. We get bombarded by overpriced vanity items and unrealistic reality shows devoted to decadent materialism it’s hard to focus on your own finances. Hey, it’s one thing to be broke, it’s another thing to be broke down. Thanks for building us poor folks up Frugalista!


Congrats on the nomination/ selection

How come your blog did not land on my radar earlier, I don't know?

I have been writing about going from 'Consumed to Thrifty' on 'Serge the Concierge' (also on Typepad) since March 2008.

Here's the link to my 'Consumed to Thrifty' stories

I might offer a panel on the same topic at South by Southwest (March 2009).

Take care

'The French Guy from New Jersey'

Isn't it funny how you work so hard and diligently on your serious journalism, and then it's the fun stuff where you make your mark?

And yes, frugality is fun.

I'm so psyched for you!

-Katy Wolk-Stanley


I agree. "Frugalista is waaaaay better than "hypermiling" which is just weird and sometimes dangerous!!

Go Nat!!

This is great news.You are on to something big, I can't wait to see what's next.

Yes! What a deal a wordsmith creates a word! This is great. Hopefully Charles Osgood will take notice and put you on his show...and then maybe the other networks will take notice. Fame can be good!

Thanks everyone for the support! Frugalistas are wonderful people!

COngrats oh Frugal one!!!!
This is great news. Frugalista gets my vote.
Great pic too.

Hust read in William Safire's column that frugalista is THE word of the year. Congrats!

How exciting! Congrats!


I discovered your blog as I was doing research on a post I just did on the term "frugalista". Your blog is awesome!

Thought you would appreciate the two words I coined to describe the different types of frugal these days.


would love to have you guest blog if you are interested...let me know!

Thanks! I didn't see this coming from Oxford or the New York Times. I'm so happy that people "get" what I'm trying to do! I really appreciate all of you frugalistas making it happen for us!

Frugal is the new black! Congratulations!

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