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LOL! Our whole office makes a contribution to the "Lottery Retirement Plan" twice a week. And occasionally my husband and I make matching contributions to our Individual Lottery Retirement Accounts.

While I don't think banking on a lottery win should be a key part of your financial strategy, I do buy a ticket occasionally. After all, somebody's going to win - might as well be me. A harmless diversion as long as you keep it in check.

No I don't play the lottery. 40 years working at Mc Donalds did you say...wow.........

I don't like the odds of winning the lottery. Now poker, that's another story.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas... but I don't like gambling or betting my luck on the lottery when I'm visiting other states (since NV doesn't have a state lotto).

But it is pretty exciting for those lucky few who get a big prize. I'd say that woman definitely deserved to retire since she was way past retirement age. Hopefully she can now enjoy some work-free days in style!

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