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I think that Katy can do it - she'll get too much grief from her blog if she breaks down! ;-) (and she's a tough cookie, when need be, as are you!)

It'll be a stretch for me to do the 2 week - I've never tried it before!

I'm not doing the whole month...but I'll join you for the first week. February 1 - 7.

LOL, I can do that~ Especially with Free Dr. Pepper~

Thanks for the mention. I'm holding on so far!

Hi, I am currently having a buy nothing new year and writing a blog about my experience.

I don't know if I could do a No Buy Month if I couldn't buy second hand! I think I could do it if it were just me, but my daughter is growing so fast and always needs something for school or birthday parties or clothes and shoes!

Good luck on your No Buy Month! I will be following your blog!

I'm a plus size fashion blogger, so this is going to interesting to say the least. Sign me up, no clothes, no hair salon, no shoes, sigh.

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