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I have the feeling that Boucheron will be the first to go. Grrr - they aren't even giving away anything very good! Perfume has a huge markup, so it's not like they are losing any money giving this stuff away.

I don't understand. What do we do to redeem. Just go to the store and say we are apart of the class action lawsuit?

I use on of the makeups in the suit and I thought it was priced too high. Perhaps the better giveaway would have been to bring in one used container of their product and get a replacement free. But that's te way it goes in these class action suits where the class is too enormous to list.

$25 max??!!! One product??? I had a job and discretionary money during the listed period. I purchased A LOT of items sold by these manufacturers and I get ONE product worth $25 (course I've also heard $25-37; woo woo). I have yet to find any directions for requesting a product. My name isn't on the list for the class action suit, though I was on many of the customer lists for these cosmetics, hmmmmm. So, are they going to stamp the back of my hand or what? Or is there some list 'we' should be on and when our name can't be found, we're out of luck? Has anyone heard anything? Too bad the folks who started the class action suit didn't insist that each person could receive ONE item from EACH cheating makeup company. It is becoming difficult to trust anyone in this day and age.

Thanks for this info.

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