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Good for you! I'll be cheering from the sidelines because I couldn't do it myself. One week maybe...

Natalie you are such an inspiration. I will definitely go on this journey with you (and by going with you I mean I will follow you along the way.) Best of luck.

Savvy: Come on, you can do it. Let's try it the first week and see how you like it.
Wannabe: I promise, it's harmless. I've done this before and look how great I turned out! :)

Well, since food, gas and bills are all I spend money on each month anyway, I am in...but at the end of the month, I turn 65 and think I deserve to spend a little on myself then just for making so far :-)

I pledged February as a no spend month as well. I didn't include all of the things you've included, but I'll see how I do. I think I'll try to go a month without sepending at least three times a year.

A girl's got to get her hair done! And eat out at least once a week. I don't want to cook every single day... :-)

Besides, I'm on vaca next week anyway.

I'm going to be on business travel for part of February to San Francisco. That's my opportunity to buy higher-end Chinese tea - last time was 2 years ago. But I'll join with you for the first two weeks of the month!

My challenge is not buying meals at the deli at work - I do that a couple of times a week on my $100 a week budget ($20 save, $40 gas, $40 food) but often the save ends up spent! So I'm looking forward to the exercise!

I was with it 100% last year. This year...hmmmm. I have a few social plans that will cost me. Then again, I would save a fortune if I gave up deli lunches for a month.

If you need some free music downloads in February, try Spiral Frog (www.spiralfrog.com). Make an account and download away - renew your account every thirty days to keep going. It's a mixed bag on the choices, some current stuff, lots of stuff you never heard of. But it will keep you from spending money in February. I use it all the time. Good luck to you.

@Jinger: We love Pisces! Just love them!
@Lashawn: Oh my! Three times a year! You are strong!
@Savvy: LOL. I'll be roller setting my hair at home.
@GLM: Thanks, GLM. Have a great trip to San Francisco. I wish I could hop in your luggage.
@Coco: Another reader with a great deli near work. It's time for a home deli!
@Rippy: Three cheers for Rippy! I need some new selections because I've played out the music I bought for Christmas.

Ooooo, I'm so tempted, but I have tried this three times in the past and failed miserably :(
You are a true inspiration, however, and I shall give it another go; maybe I'll start with a week and see how I get on.
I don't spend that much anyway, but sometimes I'm spontaneous with purchases and get my wants and needs a little muddled ;)
Good luck! I shall be following your blog...

Mrs g

I am with you for the No Spending as well as for the weight loss. I need to Burn Calories, Not Cash!

I love that you are doing this Frugalista. I would totally be in but I will need to buy some things in Feb..lol. Ok I'm kind of in YAY. And I love the weight lost twist.
LOL @ chubbification.

frugalista, i want to do this challenge, but i know it's going to be hard. very hard, lol.

Just saw your blog...here in Tampa on SuperBowl vacation...no buy 4 a month...I will do it. Will start on Weds when I return to the DC area and take my month thru to March 4. Wish me luck!! Great Blog by the way...

OK, this is day three and I although I was able to resist the $4.75 videos at Target yesterday, I now have a dilemma. A book by my favorite author, Beverly Jenkins, was just released. What is a a girl to do? (smile). I will try to resist but it will be very very hard. Maybe I could do some form of penance. Help!
Book Diva

I love "burn calories, not cash"! What a fun mantra. I just moved, so shopping is kind of a must to feel out the neighborhood and decorate. But we also sold a bunch of old stuff, plus don't do a ton of shopping anyway.

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