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You cannot get into DC from Virginia on the day of the inauguration. All the bridges will be locked down.

You can get in by Metro, but you want to be there when the station opens, and at the end of the line, so that you have a better chance of getting a seat.

The Washington Post (www.washingtonpost.com) has a lot of info on how to deal with the event.

I do not recommend going to anyone, as exciting as it is to have a young, mixed-race President Elect. There is too much blocked off, too few port-o-lets, and you KNOW there won't be enough toilet paper. Also, if you aren't used to the cold, you will be very uncomfortable standing outside from 4:00AM to get a space to see the backs of people's heads.

If you are crazy and do go:
wear layers
realise that anything can be confiscated, so don't bring any nice handbags
wear gloves
bring handwarmers
bring a muffler that can protect your face and ears
bring your own toilet paper
DO NOT bring children
bring your own water - I'm not sure if food vendors were approved.

I just decided to host an inauguration potluck. (I still have the front page of the November 5th newspaper on the front of my fridge -- See? Print media is important!)

And I won't have to carry my own toilet paper.

Katy Wolk-Stanley
The Non-Consumer Advocate


I'm still on the fence, but seriously thinking of not going - despite having places to stay in DC (also my 2nd home) I live in NYC and am still financially recovering from holiday travel. I think the train is the ONLY way to get there that makes sense and all the off-peak fares sold out long ago.

I live in the DC area.
1st of all the concert on Sunday is at 2:30 pm, the entrances open at 8 am that morning on the Lincoln Memorial.
Suggestions: dress warmly (temps have dropped to the teens and will be in the 20's and 30's but next week.) Also wear very comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk. Lastly pack patience, you will need. On a good commuters' day you can expect to be stuck in traffic anywhere in this region, now with million + visitors expected, it will be people gridlock.
Personally, I have opted to stay home and host a viewing party.

@GLM: Thanks so much for those tips!
@Katy: I still fear for newspapers, but you give me a ray of hope!
@Coco: It will be cold. Meh!
@CCM: Thank you so much for the info about the free party. I corrected the information. The initial release sent out had a different time. I needed to update. Also, why must DC be so cold? BRRR!!

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