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TurboTax. My earning situations isn't especially complicated, so I do them myself. I've tried to itemize in the past, but the standard deduction turns out to be more.

I know some swear by sketchy deductions and accountants that can get them more back, but with the IRS, it just isn't worth the risk for me.

I use and accountant but it is because I am lazy. Laziness is $$$$. This year I will do online.

I've always done my own taxes. Once upon a time, I used pencil and paper (I know I'm dating myself). However, now I use the Tax Act professional version. Because we itemize and have two Schedule C's in addition to other forms, it's easier to use software.

I don't know what is, but when using online, or self done services, the amount is never the same as when a pro files.

Same quesitons, same answers, different amounts.

And if it was less than the fee to the pro, then I'd forget the difference. But it's almost always in the 1k range.

@ Jeanine - Some 'pros' can be a bit loose with the deductions, etc. that they claim. I'm all for legally lowering your tax liability as much as possible. However, I personally don't put anything on my tax return that I can't justify if audited.

For myself I go to an accountant because I have a main hustle, a few side hustles and income from my house in Atlanta. I DON'T use H&R Block. I used them one time, had a bad experience, never again. Basically I had to amend the return they submitted it because the person I used the next year found a bunch of mistakes. And I itemize.

But for my Mom and any other family member that asks me to do their taxes I use TurboTax.

I use TurboTax and I am overjoyed with it. It takes the pain out of taxes.

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