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I never had their breakfast, but the lunch is pretty good

If it's free, it's for me! ;-)
I actually bought a closet at Ikea about 4 1/2 yrs ago. It's still holding on!

Their food is great, and what I do, is put the kids in their FREE daycare/playroom center and have lunch, talk on my cell or read a book. (i'm not in the market for furniture right now!)

I have had their breakfast, it is not bad think Denny's, Waffle House, IHOP.

There is a catch. The breakfast is very basic eggs and potatoes and coffee.

They tempt you with the waffles which are plate sized and huge. You don't find out until the register that the waffles and other goodies are not free.

They serve the breakfast to keep you occupied while they set up for the hoardes.

My IKEA furniture depends on who is using it. I have a wardrobe - no problems. My sons' have not held up well.

@Maria: LOL! I'm going to have to borrow that saying! As for that closet, you are probably more handy than I am.
@Zerline: Ok, so another poster mentions the food. I may need to check it out!

I had a dining room set the I bought from someone ELSE that came from IKEA.....it was great until I moved....maybe not tying down the table in that huge budget truck was the problem.

I've never actually been IN and IKEA...but I've ordered several dishes and textiles from them online. Not a bad deal, and they held up as well as anything from a thrift store or WallyWorld.

I live between two IKEAs in VA and MD. I have an armoire, dining room table, and two coffee tables from IKEA. You'd be surprised how you can mix it in with the more expensive stuff. As for their food? What I had wasn't great, but when I was standing in line to vote, I learned from several seniors that the breakfast is great and you can't beat it at a regular price of $1.99.

IKEA sells a lot of interesting furniture, I can still remember when I bought a Dining Table and Sofa on them, I was satisfied with it because of its style, but there are a bit problems with its durability.. anyways all seems to be fine~

My husband actually goes to Ikea for breakfast and loves it!

I assumed the breakfast would be a chicken, a pig, an orange and a bushel of wheat. Just assemble yourself, like their furniture.

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