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I have a bday celebration suggestion. This weekend I went to the Bobbie Brown makeup counter in Nordstrom and got my makeup done. They don't require you to buy any products like MAC counters usually do. But I ended up buying the lip gloss anyway just so I could refresh as the evening went on. But check first to see if they require product purchase before getting your makeup done. Great way to pamper yourself for free.

Happy bday, Natalie! Mine was this past Friday. Enjoy and thanks for the heads up on the IHOP pancakes!

Happy Birthday! Cute pic. I'll have to visit a friend with cable watch the segment. I want to see how the no-buy birthday turns out.

Happy Birthday.
Hope you have a GRAND day!

Have a fuga-licious birthday, and have fun with your CNN buddies!

Katy Wolk-Stanley
The Non-Consumer Advocate


I'm dying here with laughter, I meant FRUGA-LICIOUS!

With a letter R.

Makes a difference.




You look absolutely gorgeous in this pic!

Happy BD. Blue-Green is YOUR color!!! and how about the Betty Nguyen. Very Frugalista to get CNN to pay for that trip to MIAMI!!!!!

Happy birthday, hon! And indeed, that is a very good color for you - you look radiant!

Happy Birthday.. Hmmm pancakes at IHOP huh? sounds good to me.

Happy Birthday, Natalie!!! Mine is in exactly 2 weeks! I should have known we had more in common than just frugal living.

Stephanie @ http://frugalequalsfreedom.blogspot.com

Yippee! Thanks for all of your birthday love and shouts out to my picture. I clean up nice! ;)

Happy Birthday Natalie, you shared the day with my sister who also celebrated birthday.

Happy Birthday lol

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