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My, you know how to grab a girl by the conscience and swing her around the room.

I couldn't possible disagree with a word you wrote there, but believe me I wanted to!

So ok then - I'm in! I'll do a no unnecessary spending month. I will buy food, fuel and pay my regular monthly bills like electricity etc.

I didn't go anywhere yesterday and I don't intend to today. I was going to go to the shop but then took a look in my cupboards and realise there are things that i CAN use.

I think using online ordering for my groceries will help me this month - then I'm not tempted as I browse the store.

Thanks for the inspiration! and best of luck to everyone taking part.

mrs g

I am so proud of you for doing this again. I can't wait to see how much you will save!

I spent yesterday at a friends superbowl potluck. I brought a mini-keg of Heineken ($20, but surely one of the greatest inventions of our time) and made some catfish nuggets. I'm being a little more lax with my spending since I made my goal of paying off all debt last year.

Spent last night at a friend's potluck and realized eating in is way cheaper and sometimes better. So I'm going to take the plunge and join the movement. Or at least put a toe in. I'll limit my restaurant visits to twice a week this month. And for me, that's big-time commitment.

@Mrs.Green: Oh, you missed the memo. I'm the queen of the empowerment guilty trip. The queen!
@PJD: Thanks, honey! I wish you would join in full speed!
@Coco: Sounds good.
@Brent: Hmm. You need to take me out! Just jokes. I bet you are a great cook.

This is day 2 for me as well.......I agree that we spend most of the year spending and one month of little to no spending wont hurt. Just as we pamper ourselves, why not extend that to our finances but not spending. Not too mention February is only 28 days.

At any rate, I did go to a party satuday night with a cover charge and two drinks for a total of $27. Sunday was a no spend day for me. I'm so looking forward to the rest of the week without spending.

There is something about forbidden fruit, it is sweeter than anything on earth!

I suddenly want nothing more than to sit in a restaurant and have them bring me food I didn't have to cook. I'm thinking Mexican would hit the spot.


Katy Wolk-Stanley
The Non-Consumer Advocate


I spent but for a good reason. We needed lotion and CVS had a sale. Half a bottle of lotion for five people was no a good situation to be in. I also needed to purchase a teacher Valentine present. Everything I bought was with a coupon so I feel better about it and on sale.

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