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Oh rough girl!! I think I paid about $400 last time for my tires, so I don't know. Did you try a Wal mart tire center? Or a Costco -- they are just as good and they have good prices. I used to get my oil changed there for really cheap!

Just think -- you have the money to do all these things because you aren't being spendy. Emergencies happen, it's all about being prepared with that emergency saving account.

Hey girl... I had been putting off the tire purchase and stretching my money by buying used tires until I could afford a new set.

It is easier to stomach the high price of tires when you purchase a smaller tire. The larger the diameter (a 13" tire is WAYYY cheaper than a 17") the more expensive the tire becomes. So less than $400 for a set is a good price AS LONG AS!!! said price included the tire warranty in addition to your alignment (btw..did you need an alignment or did they upsell?)

I just bought a full set at Pepboys (buy 3 get 1 free woo hoo) So the tires, the installation, the warranty and the disposal set me back $600. I will get $120 back via rebate. My tires are 17" so I am stuck with the more expensive tire.(hence using used ones till i could save up for new ones)

It's so weird to see so much tread depth after using the used tires, lol

Now that you have new tires, make sure you rotate them every time you get an oil change. Look for locations that offer that for free with the oil change. NTB is good for offering free tire rotation with an oil change, and if your local grocery store prints coupons on the back of the receipt, you may find a coupon for NTB's $16.99 oil change (better than the $29.99 regular price).

Off topic...I used to live in Miami, then moved to GA, and just recently moved to MD. My mind had not come to grips with the cost of living up here....it's ridiculous!!

Caught you on CNN this Sun. You got a free facial at Aveda, but you gave Aveda free advertisement. Win Win situation. I had a Madza 300 ZX. Those tires were $600 and that was the beginning of my frugalista mentaliaty about 10+ years ago! That is why I drive a Toyota Camry now. Did n't tires use to cost about $25 dollars, at one time. Yeh, public transporation and drop that 1200/yr car insurance. I can only dream. I count on my dealership to take care of me. Do we frugalistas need to budget for car repairs and we probably need to keep up to date with car maintaining a car. (That's what BF are for, where's mine?).

Trust the car industry? detriot? they could care less about the rest of the country. they money set aside for stikes let them use that first, then come for a hand out grrrr. Although I did like the Malibu and wouldn't I look good in Ford Mustang?

Keep it cheap.


@Namesake: I agree! So it looks like my price was about right.
@Nettypooh: Ok, I just learned A LOT! I have 16 tires. And MD is pretty pricey. Fun area, but not cheap.
@Julie: Eh. I submit videos to CNN of my life and they pick what they like. I know I could have gotten the tires sooner. Bad frugalista!

Have a great night!

I am facing the dilema. Need new tires and brakes and God this is where I wish that a costly investment such as a car wouldn't need such things as repairs. Someone mentioned they have a camry. What did you pay for your brakes, tires?

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