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Yes when i first read Beyonce's statement, I said she is a Frugalista indeed.
Keep up the great work on your no buy month Frugalist.

And plus, Jay Z pays for all her expensive vacations, jewlery and cars. As far as Beyonce's cloths, sometimes it's not good to be a frugalista. Hey, I'm just saying.

LOL @ Brandon re: her clothes! She's smart for setting herself up for life and marrying a dude that brags about lavish spending - best of both worlds.

More stars should be frugalistas, considering all the free stuff they get.

@PJD: Thanks, honey!
@Brandon: Sponsorship helps,right. And you don't like gold hot pants?
@Coco: She's a charmed girl. And yes, I think most stars are frugalistas, it's only cool now to admit it.

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