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The very articulate Michael Kors has it right. This is a "correction" for those that overstate fashion-wise based more on trend than good taste and quality. In Florida, due to our unique climate and reputation as a vacation playground, sophistication has often been lacking. This can only assist in bringing us up to a higher standard.

Hey Frugalista
I basically shop for clothes when the mood hits me. I do have clothes with tags on in my closet but I need to either start wearing them (the items that I can fit) or just stop shopping...agrrrr

I'm doing a ton a closet styling/shopping, and can't believe all the compliments i'm getting on my "new" clothes. I've also been doing my regular online shopping, but instead of impulsively and immediately buying everything in my cart, i continue to go back and edit out items. It's amazing that something i was so into a few days ago is the first thing i want to remove from my cart on the next visit. Trying to hold out until March!

I've always liked Michael Kors. I can't say I've changed my shopping habits. The process he describes (thinking about purchases and buying quality) is how I've always shopped. I generally won't spend more than $100 on any item unless an animal was skinned, sheared or spun it. Unless it's one hell of a deal, I'll leave anything semi-expensive on the shelf and come back for it if it's still on my mind days later.

I recently lost 30# so I have some new "clothes" too. I tend to wear the same simple styles in dresses and black flats. Sometimes these simple styles are hard to find. So... I am getting back to sewing my clothes. It may take 3 months to do a dress. I think this will be fun and inexpensive. My friends will just die laughing. I am fixing up one of my rooms and the Singer sewing machine from 1970s still works!

Really like Micheal Kors. I am often not fashionable myself, but I love fashion. Just give me some of those plastic rhinestone dress-up high heel shoes that I had as a little girl. Keep it cheap. Julie

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