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AWESOME Frugalista! Your hair looks great and you did it yourself, how gratifying is that????
Have a great day.

I agree. Your hair looks great. Plus you have a great smile and that is free and is the ultimate Frugalista fashion statement. Place looks tidy (and did I notice some Bicardi Rum on top of the fridge?)mmm.

I think I would have gone to the salon this month and would have shelled out a good 150$. I miss pedicure in particular. boo hoo. I will save up.

@PJD: I learned how to do my hair from your beauty blog! Thank you!
@Julie: I plead the fifth! But thanks for hair nod!

Your place looks nice. You're a nail-painting, cooking, blow-drying saving machine.

Since I was home V-Day, I gave myself a pedicure. Boy, that seems a lot sadder when I read it in type.

This is CBS4's Jorge Estevez. I enjoyed our time together on that shoot. It was interesting seeing how truly she is intent on her No Buy Month and her dedication is commendable.

GOOD LUCK!!!! Frugalista,

Great Job on the News time.....You look great...Keep up the good work

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