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so for once, i woke up early enough on a saturday to see you on cnn. (i live in the central time zone.) you did a great job! i hope your birthday was fantastic, it sure looked fun.

my husband and i are off to celebrate a frugal saturday in honor of us NOT SPENDING roughly 54% of our income this february. we're eating lunch at a steakhouse courtesy of giftcards from Christmas, watching a free matinee courtesy of redeeming some credit card points, and grabbing our free quizno's subs for dinner!

54 %...nice! I'm wishing I was more diligent during no buy month.

Saw you on CNN.com. Thank God for the internet. Nice work. Everybody at the party looked great.

As for men being frugal, most of the men I know whine about money more than me. I always argue that we've spent triple the price of a Louis Vuitton bag just to look like the type of girl that commands a Louis Vuitton bag.

Caught you on CNN. Men can learn and be trained to be Frugalistas, too.

It's over! You did it and I am too proud of you. You looked great in that purple dress!
You have supportive friends and that certianly helps.
Have a great day..

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