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I'm not so sure about liquidation sales, but I love a salvage store.

Here we have Hudsons Treasure Hunt, and I love it!!!!!

Most every Tuesday, they have a sale because they have gotten some new shipment in.

I don't rightly know how they come to have some of these items, but they are 99% brand new. I do think they some merchandise from the stores that have gone out of business,some business that maybe caught on fire, some imperfect items.

I've purchased many an item there....medical scrubs for 1.00 for pants and 2.00 for tops. I've bought 9 West Shoes for 15.00. I've even bought some HBA items, the whole Ambi line for about 10.00. None of these things are expired. I think the Ambi line just changed the packaging.

My husband just bought two Ugli Sticks (fishing rods) for 5.00, and some Cabella camo for about 19.00 each.

Can't beat it!

I had my eye on an HP touch screen computer at Circuit City and believe me when I tell you the price cut wasnt really a cut. They had only cut the price down to the original price of the product if one were to purchase it from HP directly. What a rip off.

I was in the market for a laptop during the Circuit City liquidation - decreased selection at standard prices. I did better with a sale item at Best Buy.

I didn't even bother going because I heard it was a joke!

Nat: Is Linen's N THings reopening?

That's right, Twiggers. Linens N' Things is reopening.

I experienced over-priced liquidation sales first hand. I worked at Mervyn's for several years and through its closing.


I'm glad it isn't just me being extremely cheap. I stopped by the Mervyn's in my area (Phoenix) several times during the "liquidation" and couldn't believe how cheap things were NOT. It seemed like they were selling the fixtures cheaper than the merchandise. Since then I don't bother with liquidations sales.

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